American intelligence agencies have found that Chinese leaders believe that whether it is the current US President Biden or his former Trump to win the election, it has little benefit for China.

Bloomberg quoted unnamed US officials that before the first debate of the presidential campaign next week, American intelligence agencies were evaluated that China had no obvious preference for two candidates.

This shows that Beijing officials, like Washington officials, believe that although high -level meetings that have recently intended to manage the differences between the two parties have been added, Sino -US relations will continue to develop along the long -term decline.In recent years, both countries have conflicts in all aspects of human rights.

Chinese officials required anonymous interviews are consistent with the assessment of the United States.They said that Beijing believes that the two presidential candidates are interested in curbing China and destroying its rise.

Bloomberg quoted Gao Zhikai, a former Chinese diplomat and a former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping translated: "Speak a bit, they are not perfect candidates ...He does not care if he will conflict the world, and Trump may impose sanctions and tariffs on China to pursue his U.S. priority agenda.It will bring major problems to Beijing.

US and Chinese officials said that China believes that Trump's second term is characterized by provocative remarks, unpredictable policies, and anti -Chinese measures.Trump has proposed the idea of ​​levying 60%of tariffs on products made in China during the campaign.

Chinese officials believe that the other side of these concerns is that Trump's election may weaken the relationship between Washington and its allies and open opportunities for Beijing.The first term of the former president is characterized by repeated frictions with European allies on national defense expenditure, and complaining about the cost of protecting the United States for protection for Japan and South Korea from time to time.

A Chinese official told Bloomberg that Trump may also be more willing to reach a transaction than Biden, which shows that China ’s concessions in trade may open the road for the United States in sensitive issues such as Taiwan.

But the prospects of Biden's re -election did not bring much comfort to Beijing.

US and Chinese officials said that the most concerned issue of Chinese policy makers is that Biden may promote the strengthening of regional partnerships.

In the past four years, China has often condemned the Quartet Safety Dialogue (QUAD) composed of the United States, Australia, India, and Japan, and AUKUS in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.effort.