North Korean Foreign Minister Cui Shanji visited Russia from January 14th to 18th, which attracted widespread attention in the international community.The US White House senior officials hinted that the military cooperation between North Korea and Russia brought new variables, and the United States would ensure that South Korea continued to obtain a "nuclear protection umbrella".

In addition to meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, Cui Shanji was met with Russian President Putin.When Cui Shanji met with Putin, foreign media reporters photographed some documents that speculated that those documents involved the transfer of missiles or satellite technology for North Korea and Russia.

South Korea Central Daily reported on Friday (January 19) that Cui Shanji waited for meeting with Putin on the 16th when he was waiting to meet with Putin on the 16th."Visit target catalog in the space technology field", below "1. PROGRESS), Volneri Machine Factory."

PROGRESS (Progress) is Russia's Lange Rocket Technology Research Institute. It is one of the Russian state -owned enterprises that have been sanctioned by US sanctions; the Volnesi Machine Factory is a specialized facility of the liquid propelled rocket engine.Foreign media also took part of the unclear words, suspected of the name "Cosmic Optical Production Center".It is speculated that this institution has the technology to improve satellite resolution.

Zhao Chunlong, the head of the North Korean weapon development and the Minister of Military Industry of the Party Central Committee of the North Korean weapon development at

This shows that Cui Shanji and his party visited Russia, including discussions to strengthen weapons transactions and military reconnaissance satellites or intercontinental missile development cooperation.

Missile expert Lee Chungen pointed out that these are technologies that North Korea urgently need. If Russia provides systemic help to North Korea, North Korea can improve the level of launch in the short term.

U.S. senior officials: North Korea's threat may change in the next 10 years

Praanay Vaddi, a senior official who is responsible for military control and preventing nuclear diffusion affairs, warned that North Korea and Russia's cooperation in the military field reached unprecedented levels. North Korea's security threat to East Asia may be in the next 10 years.There is a huge change.

Vadi said to the "Strategic and International Research Center" of Washington Think Tank on the 18th: "(DPRK -Russian military cooperation) is a part that we should pay attention to.Taking the progress of North Korea's own (nuclear military force). "

He emphasized: "Faced with the threat of North Korea, the United States will continue to cooperate with South Korea to ensure that the United States and South Korea will continue to play with" extending deterrence "."

Analysis believes that North Korea has recently provided traditional weapons to Russia, which has obtained the Russian cutting -edge military technology and jointly producing weapons between North Korea and Russia. Wadi made this speech considering the possibility of strengthening military cooperation in North Korea and Russia.

In response to the United States, Japan, and South Korea's recent exercise in North Korea to test underwater nuclear weapons

In addition, North Korea reported on the 19th that North Korea tested the "tsunami-5-23" underwater nuclear weapons system in the eastern waters, which was a measure to deal with the recent maritime joint exercises held by the United States, Japan and South Korea.

A spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense for the Ministry of National Defense condemned the joint maritime exercises carried out in the waters around Jeju Island on the 15th, saying that this caused the regional situation to be more turbulent and seriously threatened North Korea's national security.