Recently, Wang Moujun, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd., has been reported to have been reported for a long time that there is a long -term improper male and female relationship, right -color transaction, etc.On November 6, the reporter told the China Business Daily that he submitted materials to the Shandong Discipline Inspection Commission 2 weeks ago.

Internet Report-

The wife of the state -owned enterprise executive's wife and their superior units have unfair relationships

According to the information of the Internet, the man of the man who claims to be a director and chief financial officer of a certain Golden Co., Ltd. Zhang, in February 2021, his wife has been working outside Beijing, Yantai and other places.Rarely care, he doubts.Recently, he found that Zhang had an abortion surgery in March 2019, and also had many times of urine and blood testing. Therefore, he found a problem.In addition, some people called him anonymous, saying that Zhang was the mistress of Wang Moujun, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd.

The man said that after his investigation, he not only mastered the chat records of Zhang and Wang Moujun, but also found that Zhang had miscarriage Wang Moujun twice in 2013 and 2019. In 2021, HPV was also infected with HPV.EssenceIn this regard, the China Business Daily Journalist reporters have tried to contact Wang Moujun many times, but the phone has always been busy for "the user you dialed, and the telecommunications interest will be notified in the form of SMS ..." The reporter also tried to contact Zhang, but the phone always showed "In the call, please call again later. "

Men's response-

Wife's fictional relationship with fitness coaches, chatting with Wang Moujun was obtained

On November 8th, the China Business Daily Dafeng News reporter contacted the netizen of the report.He said that in October this year, he found his wife in the hospital to check the record of pregnancy in the hospital, so he doubted.Not necessarily, he went to the hospital with his wife's medical insurance card, and found an abortion record. "We have always had contraceptive measures, and she cannot get pregnant."

Reporters said that on October 21 this year, he "showed down" to his wife. In the face of questioning, his wife said that he had a relationship with a fitness coach after drinking.Guarantee, "I believe it at the time, but her chat history with Wang Moujun made me realize that the problem was not simple."

The reporter said that Zhang told Wang Moujun through a WeChat chat record that he was investigating the miscarriage in 2019 and let Wang Moujun contact her less recently.She said that in 2013, he was present, so he would not doubt.In the case of miscarriage in 2019, she fictional and fitness coaches had a relationship and confused him ... "Wang Moujun and Zhang also discussed whether to divorce, and who asked Zhang's husband to report."

The reporter said that two weeks ago, he wrote a real -name report letter to the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission.

Relevant party response-

Pay attention to relevant information, and is further understanding

According to the information of Tianyan Check, Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd. is the Shandong SASAC Holding Company, accounting for 70%of the shares.The largest shareholder of a certain gold company is Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd., with a shareholding ratio of 23.1%. There is indeed Zhang in the list of executives.

On November 8th, a reporter from the China Business Daily contacted the disciplinary inspection and supervision team of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shandong Province on the Internet report. The staff said that they would contact the disciplinary inspection department of Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd., and then replied.The reporter asked, can it provide contact information?The other party said, "After contacting you, I will contact you." Later, the staff member replied that Wang Moujun did not belong to the management scope of the disciplinary inspection team of Shandong Province. It is recommended that the media contact the disciplinary inspection department of Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd.Not clear.The reporter contacted the Shandong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection. The staff said that the specific case handling could only be inquired by himself. The media reported that the information reported the information reported information.

The reporter contacted the relevant unit of Shandong Gold Group. The relevant person in charge said that the information related to the Internet has been paying attention and is doing further understanding.

The original title men's network reports that the deputy president of Shandong Gold Group has an improper relationship with his wife; the relevant party responded: Pay attention to relevant information, and is further understanding