Malaysia and China deepen economic and trade cooperation, and will jointly promote the construction of large projects.Among them, China plans to discuss with Malaysia to connect the East Coast Railway Project with the China -Lauding Railway and the China -Thailand Railway to realize the concept of the Pan -Asian Railway midline.

With the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Malaysia, Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang arrived in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday (June 18) to start a three -day official visit.This is also the first time Li Qiang has visited Malaysia since he took office last year.

After the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Anhua and Li Qiang held a bilateral talks in the Prime Minister of the Putrashi on the morning of Wednesday (19th), the two countries signed the five -year planning of Malaysia -China economic and trade cooperation to deepen their economic and trade cooperation.

Anwar and Li Qiang have also witnessed the signing of 14 cooperation agreements, covering the fields of agriculture, tourism, digital economy and green development.Among them, China allows Malaysia to export fresh durian to China.Malaysia will also review the visa -free arrangements for mutual visits of citizens of the two countries.

Malaysia promotes the East Rail and the "Double Garden of the two countries" project

Anwar pointed out at the meeting that Malaysia -China relations are standing at a new starting point, hoping to use the opportunity of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries to strengthen exchanges at all levels and promote the dialogue and cooperation between China and Asia.

Li Qiang said that China -Malaysia relations have continued to move forward steadily in the past half century and are at the forefront of regional countries."China is willing to connect with Malaysia more closely to the development strategy, give full play to complementary advantages, and solidly promote the construction of major projects such as the East Coast Railway and the" Double Parks of the two countries'. "

East Coast Railway (ECRL, referred to as East Rail) is a large -scale infrastructure project signed by Malaysia and China in 2016.East Railway is 665 kilometers in length, running through the Malaysian Peninsula, Jilandan, Dengjialou, Pahang and Selangor.The two countries also cooperated with the industrial parks, namely the Zhongma Qinzhou Industrial Park in Guangxi, China, as well as the Malaysian Kuantan Industrial Park in Pahang.

Anwar and Li Qiang also went to Selangor Goose Grave in Selangor on Wednesday afternoon to attend the construction ceremony of the East Iron Goose Terminal Terminal.

Anhua said that the East Railway project that cost more than 50 billion yuan (about S $ 14.3 billion) would promote the economic development of Malaysia, especially the East Coast.

Li Qiang said that China is willing to study with Malaysia. The East Railway is connected with the Chinese Laos Railway and the Chinese Thailand Railway, making the Pan -Asian Railway Center a reality.

Recently, the Thai government plans to build a land bridge project in the south to connect the Thai Bay and the Andaman Sea with railways and highways.Some analysts believe that if the East Railway project is connected to Thailand, it will help to disappear the Thailand Land Bridge project to compete with Malaysia.

However, Lu Xi, a senior lecturer at the State University of Singapore, analyzed the Lianhe Zaobao analysis that it is still unknown whether the Thai South Land Bridge project can be realized. Therefore, it is difficult to judge whether the construction of the East Railway can compete with the Luqiao project or form complementive.

Analysis: China is looking forward to consolidating the relationship with the Asianan through Malaysia

Li Qiang visited New Zealand and Australia before visiting Malaysia.Some analysts believe that Li Qiang's trip is to seek to expand China's influence and investment in the Asia -Pacific region.

Pan Yongqiang, a political scholar of Malaysia, said in an interview that Malaysia focuses on reaching economic and trade and scientific and technological cooperation with China, especially for investment in China's high -tech industry."China attaches more importance to geopolitics, including the Malaysian Congress will not affect Beijing's interests between China and the United States."

Malaysia will be the chairman of the Ya'an Wheel next year.Anhua and Li Qiang also discussed the regional and international issues, including the South China Sea issue.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Anwar and Li Qiang both agreed that China and Asianianan countries should "independently properly handle the South China Sea issue, control contradictions and differences, promote dialogue cooperation, and adhere to bilateral solving problems."

Pan Yongqiang believes that China expects that Malaysia to help consolidate the relations between Asia's Delica and China during the rotating chairman, and maintain neutrality and balance between China and the United States.

"However, if Malaysia is required to deal with disputes between China and other Southeast Asian countries in the South China Sea, it exceeds Malaysia's ability. This is because the relationship between countries and China involves different interests and history.At most, you can propose initiative, lack of dominant ability. "

Li Qiang also met with the head of the head of Malaysia Sultan Ibrahim on Wednesday and attended the 50th anniversary dinner of Malaysia.He will meet with the Malaysian business circles on Thursday (20th).