With the rise of the business model of social e -commerce, the Chinese Internet giant byte beating its Tiktok has rapidly expanded e -commerce sites worldwide in recent years.A large number of Chinese sellers poured into this platform. Through the paths such as short videos and live broadcasts, the products were directly sold to the world.However, Tiktok, which has a strong development momentum, is facing a crisis that will be fully removed by the United States. With the help of companies that go to sea on the platform, there are many uncertain factors.

"If you haven't entered the game yet, you will act now!" On the Chinese social platform Xiaohongshu, a foreign trade blogger urged Chinese e -commerce sellers to dispel the concerns and set out the international version of Douyin Tiktok.

Despite the continuous storms caused by around the world and facing the crisis that will be completely removed by the United States, Tiktok is still attracting more Chinese brands and merchants."Early successful success and early success", "2024 bold to do TIKTOK" "Is it late to enter the game now? Not at all" ... Similar short videos and posts are abound on major social platforms in China. Participants use it.A radical language discusses the opportunities and challenges facing TIKTOK currently enrolled.

With the rise of social e -commerce business models, TIKTOK has rapidly expanded its e -commerce site worldwide in recent years.This popular social application uses Douyin in China as a blueprint. Since its first batch of online small shops in Indonesia and the United Kingdom in 2021, it has successively launched e -commerce in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and other places.The store in the store is also officially launched.

While the e -commerce business has grown rapidly, a large number of Chinese sellers have poured into this platform. Through the paths such as short videos and live broadcasts, products are sold directly to the world.

Multi -place e -commerce schools offer TIKTOK short -term training courses

TIKTOK short -term training courses in e -commerce schools in many places in China, one phase of the first phase is held in the first phase.Students from different industries enter e -commerce schools, hoping to master platform marketing skills and learn how to sell their products to overseas customers.

In e-commerce schools in many places in China, TiKTOK short videos and live broadcasts are used as short-term training courses for courses.The picture shows a training course run by the Guangzhou e -commerce training institution Meidi E -commerce Education.(Agence France -Presse)

According to information on the Guangzhou Midi E -commerce Education website, in short -term courses, students can learn Tiktok's selection skills, traffic acquisition channels, business monetization models, and will also master the solution to this application normally-- Because Tiktok is currently unable to download in China, domestic merchants must first learn to bypass network restrictions if they want to sell goods on this platform.

Chinese sellers who intend to enter TIKTOK to enter the Guangzhou e-commerce training institution, Meidi E-commerce Education on April 7 to learn how to sell their products to overseas customers.(Agence France -Presse)

"At present, most of the cross -border merchants with stable product supply chains in China are doing TIKTOK." Liang Haizhen, the person in charge of the project in Guangzhou Starke Electronics Co., Ltd. TIKTOK (US area) project, told Lianlian Morning Post to express rapid e -commerce in cross -border e -commerce companiesUnder the general trend of development, more and more Chinese foreign trade enterprises and individuals have transformed in recent years, and they are seeking to open up overseas battlefields with the help of e -commerce platforms.

Tiktok and the Douyin algorithm are similar to providing reference for Chinese e -commerce

Liang Haizhen serves the company's headsets, speakers and other electronic products. The products they sell on TIKTOK are mostly the price range from $ 10 (S $ 13.52) to about $ 30.In 2021, this Guangzhou company settled in TIKTOK store, which was sold to the British and Southeast Asian markets. After the US station launched e -commerce services, the company entered the U.S. market last year. With the subsidy and traffic support of the initial platform, it quickly won good.Increase, sales have grown rapidly.

Liang Haizhen said that in the company's Tiktok project, the US station currently contributes most of the sales, followed by Southeast Asian markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam.

A cross -border MCN agency (Multi Channel Network (multi -channel network, that is, an Internet celebrity brokerage company) operator Xiao Ping (pseudonym) told the United Morning Post that for Chinese sellers, the overseas trading platform has been with Amazon,Global AliExpress and EBAY are mainly fundamental changes in this pattern in recent years. After the rise of social e -commerce, cross -border e -commerce platforms such as TIKTOK have quickly attracted Chinese merchants in a short time.

Through cross-border e-commerce platforms, Chinese merchants are selling products to the world. The picture shows some products sold by a Guangzhou company on e-commerce platforms at home and abroad.(Photo by Zeng Shi)

Xiao Ping said that TIKTOK is consistent with the algorithm mode of Douyin. For Chinese sellers, they may already have the operating experience of Douyin. Operating the TIKTOK store has the possibility of replication.The degree of difficulty and investment costs are also easier to be accepted.

She pointed out that since last year, Chinese merchants have poured into TIKTOK in large numbers. Although this mobile phone application is now facing a ban in the United States, there are also news that Tiktok will launch a few new sites this year, in Europe, Latin America, and the United States.E -commerce services are opened in other places. These market imagination space is promoting enterprises and teams to accelerate the entry.

Industry: Before the US business, the focus of Webu turned to markets in Southeast Asia

Tiktok, which has a strong development momentum, is encountering the most serious survival crisis so far.U.S. President Biden signed a bill on April 24, involving the forced Chinese Internet giant byte -byte beating off its application Tiktok business in the United States. According to the relevant terms, Tiktok has nine months of time from byte beating, otherwise it will be in the United States.Banned.

Byte beating then indicated that they did not intend to sell Tiktok, and a lawsuit against the US government accused the US government's ban violated the US Constitution in many aspects, seeking to overthrow the law of "no ban" law, some creations on TIKTOK, some creations on TiktokThe person also joined the prosecution team to try to prevent the bill from taking effect.

If the ban on TIKTOK is implemented, it will undoubtedly have a huge impact on TIKTOK e -commerce companies. Enterprises that go to sea with the help of platforms will also face many uncertainty of development prospects.

Many e -commerce invested a lot of cost enrollment

Xiao Ping pointed out that most of the merchants who entered TIKTOK have invested a lot of energy and costs. Her company has conducted many tests about products, short videos and live broadcast effects on the US market in the early stage.Each test takes at least several months or even half a year to harvest oneSome experience.At present, the instability of the policy will definitely crack down on the next operation enthusiasm.

Xiao Ping's company entered Tiktok three years ago, and is currently facing the United States, Britain and Malaysia.She pointed out that after the company's exploration phase in the previous two years, this year will have more ideal benefits. In the future, if there is a missing US market business, it can be foreseeable that it will affect the company's benefits in the short term. However, the company is preparing for this.The focus of overseas expansion will be transferred to markets such as Southeast Asia.

The founder of Raphya, Singapore, who is also an e -commerce consultant, analyzes the analysis of Wu Ruijun, the founder of Raphya Clothing Company of Raphya.Even if a platform is banned, the impact will not be too great.Under the premise of product demand and user demand, if the US market is limited, it can be transferred to the Middle East, Europe or other markets, or other platforms.

As Tiktok faces the crisis that will be fully removed by the United States, Chinese merchants may shift the focus of overseas to the Middle East, Europe or other markets, or operate on other platforms.The picture shows the trainees of the Guangzhou e -commerce training institution Meidi E -commerce Education.(Agence France -Presse)

Wu Ruijun said that it is still the brand itself to go to the overseas market to expand overseas markets. This is also one of the main challenges that Chinese merchants have encountered in sea at present."Chinese products can be sold very cheap, but there are not many well -known brands."

Zuo Xiaolei, a consultant of 50 people's cross -border e -commerce forum and former chief economist of Galaxy Securities, pointed out in an interview with Lianhe Morning Post that although the US market business may be blocked, there are still Chinese merchants who see opportunities. The key is how to seize it.Breakout, choose to change the way of thinking when facing the predicament.

She said, on the one hand, enterprises strive to explore the path of the future, and on the other hand, they are also turning their eyes to emerging markets such as South America and the Middle East, and continue to expand in markets such as Europe, Southeast AsiaChance.

Zuo Xiaolei pointed out that some of the Chinese merchants currently operating on TIKTOK have pointed out that the U.S. ban did not put pressure on their survival and development.These businesses either register the sales end into American companies, or find local partners, seek some form of cooperation, or find more feasible paths, and continue to open up the market overseas.

Cross -border e -commerce growth and fast continuous operation test

Although China's economic recovery is currently facing many uncertain factors, cross -border e -commerce has maintained a booming trend and has become an important format for China's foreign trade in recent years.

Chinese official data shows that in 2023, China's cross -border e -commerce import and export of 2.38 trillion yuan (RMB, Same as Sim, S $ 443.2 billion), a year -on -year increase of 15.6%.Among them, exports were 1.83 trillion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 19.6%.In the first quarter of this year, cross -border e -commerce imports and exports were 577.6 billion yuan, an increase of 9.6%, and continued to maintain high -speed growth.

Chinese -funded cross -border e -commerce platform that focuses on "Chinese domestic goods goes to the sea" has risen rapidly in recent years.The Tiktok Shop launched by Tiktok, which is sold on the Tiktok, was called the "Four Little Dragons" platform by the Chinese industry.

Fast Fashion E-commerce SHEIN (Hicin) on March 8th at the London Metro Station in the UK.Shein is one of the "Four Little Dragons" e -commerce platform in China.(Reuters)

These platforms have different cooperation models such as full -scale custody, half -custard, and self -operated stores. They can provide one -stop services such as website drainage, cross -border logistics, legal affairs, and after -sales.threshold.

TEMU, which was launched in September 2022, quickly opened the door of the international market with the experience and model of the parent company Pinduoduo.According to Chinese media late LatePost, Temu's sales in 2023 were about $ 18 billion, and this year set a target of $ 60 billion, 3.33 times in 2023.

Tiktok SHOP, AliExpress and Shein also have to fight this year. The target of transaction volume is 150%, 125%, and 40%last year.

But Chinese brands and products need to gain continuous growth space in overseas markets. Of course, it is not easy.Chinese companies are good at entering the market at a highly competitive price, which also means that it may face a vicious circle of high competition and even price wars. In addition, uncertain regulatory policies, relevant laws and compliance issues are also facing Chinese products to the sea to go to sea to the sea.Challenge.

Europe and the United States value brand effects at low prices must change

Xiao Ping, an operator of the MCN institution, pointed out that the domestic and foreign consumption habits and cultural backgrounds are different. Some e -commerce companies move domestic live broadcast models and short video gameplay to overseas markets, but they will not work quickly.In addition, product power is the core factor in the sustainable development of Chinese companies. Overseas markets, especially in Europe and the United States, value brand effects. At present, many products sold abroad are still taking low -cost strategies.

Liang Haizhen, the person in charge of Guangzhou Xingke Electronic Project, said that in the past two years, while a large number of Chinese merchants have poured into cross -border e -commerce tracks, many teams have also returned.

In her opinion, cross -border e -commerce has tested operating strategies and skills, needs precise selection and promotion, and requires stable product supply chains. Otherwise, it is difficult to continue to operate even if the short -term dividends are harvested.