A senior US official will go to Japan and the Netherlands to ask the two countries to submit new restrictions on the semiconductor industry in China, including restricting the capacity of high -end storage chips required for Chinese production artificial intelligence.

Bloomberg News on Wednesday (June 19) quoted people familiar with the matter, the Ministry of Commerce, the Deputy Minister of Commerce, Alan Estevez, will urge Tokyo and Hague to Tokyo Electronics Co., Ltd.And Dutch suppliers, Acemai, have made more restrictions on activities in China.

People familiar with the matter said that Estwes will focus on the development of Chinese manufacturers who develop so -called high -band wide storage chips.

The machines of Asmai and Tokyo Electronics in Japan are used to produce dynamic random access to memory chips. These chips are stacked together to make high -band wide memory (HBM) chips.According to Enterprise Inspection, Chinese companies engaged in HBM chip research include Wuhan Xinxinzhi Circuit Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Changjiang Storage Technology Co., Ltd.In addition, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and Changxin Reserve also reported HBM.

A person familiar with the matter revealed that Estwes is expected to repeat the long -term requirements of the United States, urging the restrictions on the maintenance and maintenance of Asmi and Tokyo Electronics in China.The United States has implemented such restrictions on its application materials and Lam Research Corp..

It is reported that the US delegation is expected to visit after the first week of July in the new Cabinet of the Netherlands.Reinette Klever, from the Right -wing Liberal Party, will be the Dutch Foreign Trade and Development Assistance Minister, which is usually responsible for supervising the Dutch export control policy.

People familiar with the matter revealed earlier that the United States has been trying to persuade the Netherlands and Japan to further limit China to obtain semiconductor technology, but both countries hope to continue to maintain the existing regulations.Make a decision.

It is reported that the new Dutch government will respond to the requirements of the United States.Representatives of the Industrial and Security Bureau of the US Department of Commerce and spokesman for the Dutch Foreign Trade Department did not comment on this.The Ministry of Economic and Industry of Japan has not yet responded to the request of comment.

HBM chip is an indispensable part of the artificial intelligence hardware ecosystem, because they can speed up the access of memory and help the development of artificial intelligence.Artificial intelligence accelerators made by Nvidia and Ultra -micro Semiconductor Corporations need to be bundled with HBM chips to work.

Korean equipment manufacturers such as South Korean and American semiconductors and Hanhua Precision Machinery also play an important role in the HBM supply chain.According to Bloomberg, earlier this year, Washington asked Seoul to restrict the production of equipment and technology of high -end logic and storage chips to China.