(Kido/Washington Comprehensive News) As more and more Chinese illegal immigrants use Ecuador to transfer to the United States, this South American country announced that it has suspended the treatment of Chinese citizens' visa -free entry.

Comprehensive Reuters and VOA reports that the Ecuador Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Tuesday (June 18) stating that it would suspend the visa -free agreement with China from July 1.

Statement said that the official found that about 50%of Chinese citizens who entered Ecuador did not leave the country "through normal routes", nor did they leave the country within 90 days allowed by the visa -free agreement.Spring board, so this measure is taken.

China -Er Mutual Visa Agreement has taken effect in August 2016.In recent years, some Chinese people have entered Ecuador through the visa -free policy and traveled north to traverse the tropical rain forests in China and America, passing through Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and other countries.SG/News/World/Story20231104-1447895 "Roth = NOFOLLOW TARGET = _Blank> Enter the United States from the United States after reaching Mexico , and then apply for asylum on reasons such as detention.This smuggling method is called "wiring" on the China Internet.

This long -distance trap route is dangerous, but many Chinese people still have risks.Some people obtain the "Route" route guidelines from social media such as Douyin, and formulate a plan to go to the United States, including wearing appropriate shoes and mountaineering boots, how to find reliable local guidance, how much pay to pay.

According to statistics, US border officials arrested more than 37,000 Chinese citizens at the southern border in 2023, 10 times the previous year.

The Penin Cenan Center, a think tank in Washington, quoted Ecuador's official data that in 2023, there were 48,381 Chinese citizens entering Ecuadorda, but the number of departure was only 24,240.

Regarding Ecuador's suspension of visa -free agreement with China, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Lin Jian responded at a routine press conference on Tuesday that the Chinese government has resolutely opposed any form of smuggling activities. In recent yearsThe criminals of the activity maintain a high pressure.

Lin Jian said that China's law enforcement agencies are cooperating with relevant countries to jointly combat cross -border smuggling activities, repatriate crowds, and jointly maintain the order of exchanges between international personnel.