(Shenzhen Comprehensive News) China Real Estate Giant Vanke announced that more than $ 600 million has been repaid to the US dollar bonds expired next Monday (March 11), which responded to the outside world that it might default by Vanke's tension due to cash flow.Worries.

The Board of Directors of Vanke Enterprise Co., Ltd. issued an announcement on Friday (March 8) that a medium -term bill issued by Vanke Real Estate, a wholly -owned subsidiary of the company, will expire on March 11. Vanke has not repaid the principal on Friday.Together with the interest, the total interest was 66.85 million US $ 2,500 (S $ 860 million) in the designated bank account of the agency bank.

This is the second announcement of Vanke's debt repayment within a week.Vanke issued an announcement on Tuesday (March 5) that all funds have been in place for the US dollar bond "VNKRLE5.35" expired on March 11, and the debt repayment work is in an orderly layout.

After the second announcement, Vanke ’s many domestic bonds resumed rising, of which“ 220,000 Sciences 06 ”rose 15.97%, and the market rose over 20%to trigger temporary suspension; Vanke’ s stock prices in Hong Kong also rose 1.47%.

Announcement that can be paid on time on time within a week, it is intended to be Worried about the company's cash flow .Reuters quoted anonymous sources that under the pressure of debt this month, Vanke put forward the debt exhibition requirements to the private equity debt, Fang Taikang Insurance, Taiping Insurance, and Xinhua Insurance.

But there are market rumors that Xinhua Insurance has rejected the exhibition requirements.It is rumored that Vanke's stock price and bond prices have doubled, and the largest decline in domestic bonds has reached 35%.Xinhua Insurance denied the news on March 3, and expressed his confidence in the development of China's economic development, and resolutely supported the healthy development of China's real estate industry.

Vanke ranks second in China's real estate sales steadily. It is one of the few head companies that have not disclosed the contract after the real estate industry has fallen into the downturn; investors pay special attention to Vanke's operations.According to Caixin.com, in addition to the insurance company's private equity bonds, Vanke will have more than 29.6 billion yuan (S $ 5.562 billion) public debt this year.