(Manila / Washington Reuters) Reuters reported that the U.S. military launched a secret action to slander the Chinese vaccine and help the Philippines during the crown disease.Essence

Reuters issued a long investigation report on Friday (June 14) that the U.S. military stated that during the period of the United States, the Filipinos' false online accounts were faked by the Philippines.Sexual and effective manufacturing doubts have evolved into an anti -vaccine movement.

This propaganda movement is part of the US military psychological warfare.In the spring of 2020, the U.S. military and contractors began to use social media platform X, Facebook, and other social media anonymous account to spread anti -vaccine information.

Reuters found at least 300 accounts described by the US military sources on X.Almost all accounts were founded in the summer of 2020. They posted the topic of #Chinaangvirus, which means "China is a virus."

A post in July 2020 said: "Crown disease comes from China and the vaccine is also from China, don't believe in China!" In the picture, there is a syringe, a Chinese flag, and a infection chart in the picture.Another post said: "Personal protection equipment, masks and vaccines from China are fake, but crown disease is true."

Acts in the United States led to only few Philippines at the time that Filipinos were willing to vaccine.The then Philippine President Duterte was very frustrated and even threatened to arrest people who refused to take vaccines.In mid -2021, the vaccination rate in the Philippines was the lowest in Southeast Asia.

The US propaganda campaign has strengthened the concept of "Philippines has never believed in China".The Avian Minister Kabral told Reuters that she did not know the secret operation of the US military."I'm sure, many people who die from crown disease don't have to die in the crown disease."

It is reported that the United States did this to fight against China ’s increasing influence in the Philippines at that time.China's crown disease aid shocked the United States.A senior officer participating in the plan said: "We do not do well in sharing vaccines with partners, so the rest is to discredit China."

The State Council has opposed Pentagon Action

Sources said that the Pentagon ignores the impact of this propaganda that may have on innocent Philippine people."We don't look at this problem from the perspective of public hygiene. What we consider is how to put China into a mud."

In order to implement the anti -vaccine movement, the Ministry of Defense ignored the strong opposition from the US senior diplomats in Southeast Asia and officials of the State Council.They said in a video call with the Pentagon that during the sanitation crisis, it was inappropriate to create fear or anger through psychological warfare.

The US military's anti -vaccine movement began in the spring of 2020 and spread to the regions outside Southeast Asia.The Pentagon is made of law to the Central Asia and the Middle East. One of the strategies is that the rumor vaccine contains pigs, which spreads the fear of Chinese vaccines among Muslims.

A senior official learned: "This is terrible. The government supports vaccination. We are worried that this may affect the vaccination in developing countries."

Bayeng ordered the military to stop action

Social media platform personnel found abnormalities in the summer of 2020 and got in touch with the Pentagon, but they were ignored.After Biden served as the president, they communicated the matter with the New National Security Council, which shocked government officials.In the spring of 2021, the National Security Council ordered the military to stop all anti -vaccine information.

A spokesman for the Pentagon responded to Reuters that the U.S. military "uses various platforms such as social media to counterattack the malicious impact on the United States, allies and partners."She pointed out that China had begun to "false propaganda and blame the American virus to the United States by mistake."

Lusi, a professor of infectious diseases at Datmmouth in the Medical College of Datmouth, believes that the U.S. military's approach is "unforgivable.""I feel very frustrated, disappointed and discouraged when I hear the US government."

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Manila issued a statement on Reuters' reports: "The people of the world are angry with the behavior of the US military.Human rights, but in terms of basic human rights such as the lives and health of the people of the Philippines.