(Manila Comprehensive) China and the Philippines occurred on Monday in the South China Sea, causing injuries to eight Philippine soldiers, and one of them was broken.Many countries such as the United States have condemned the Chinese Maritime Police's intervention in the Philippine maritime supply mission.

The Philippine Armed Forces issued a statement on Tuesday (June 18) saying: "When the Madele Mountain rotation and supply mission was executed on June 17, the Chinese maritime police ship intentionally collided at a high speed, causing a serious injury to a Philippine navy personnel."

Trunida, a spokesman for the armed forces, said in the statement that the wounded was evacuated and received for treatment after the incident.He also pointed out that the violations of the Chinese maritime police are unacceptable.

The Philippine Net Media GMA quoted reliable sources that eight Philippine soldiers were injured in a melee with Chinese personnel, and one of the soldiers' fingers were cut off.They were also disarmed, and the hard -shell inflatable boats they were riding were cut.

Another sources said that the Chinese side "held" four hard -shell inflatable boats, but returned after the negotiations between the two parties.

China Maritime Police refers to a Philippine Shipping Shipping on Monday (17th) illegally break into Renai Reef (the Philippines Ayunjin Reef) to sit on the sea of ​​warships in the beach.Wipe.Manila refuted China's claims "deception and misleading."

The United States accuses China of ignoring the safety of the Philippines

U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines, Luo Meikai, posted a post on social platforms on Monday night to condemn the Chinese side's "aggressive and dangerous operations" to damage the Philippine ships and "hindering legal maritime activities".

The US State Department also issued a statement that China has irresponsible behavior and upgrades the situation.The United States reiterated to the Philippines that the United States and the Philippines joint defense treaty applies to "anywhere in the South China Sea" for armed attacks on the Philippine Coast Guard.

U.S. State Department spokesman Miller said that China ’s behavior reflects China’ s “consistently ignoring the safety and international law in the South China Sea”.

France, Japan, Germany, Finland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands also accused China, and called on China to recognize the 2016 South China Sea Case of the International Arbitration Court.

The European Union expressed concern about incidents.The EU ambassador Wei Long said in the x post: "The EU opposes the coercion and intimidation behavior in the South China Sea or anywhere."