(Canberra / Beijing Comprehensive News) Cheng Lei, a Chinese reporter of Australia, was released on Wednesday (October 11) after being detained for three years suspected of national security.Chinese officials stated that she illegally provided the national secrets she had in her work to overseas institutions and was expelled from the country after the sentence expired.

Comprehensive Reuters, Agence France -Presse, etc., Australian Prime Minister Albanis said at a press conference that Chenglei returned to Melbourne on Wednesday to reunite with two children and family members. The case "has been resolved through Chinese legal procedures."

The Australian government has repeatedly expressed concern about Chenglei's detention. Her release is a new sign of the recent recovery of Sino -Australian relations.

Albanis also said that the Australian government has always called on Beijing to release it into it. "Her return will not only be warmly welcomed by her family and friends, but also warmly welcomed by all Australians."

Australian Foreign Minister Huang Yingxian welcomed Cheng Lei, who returned to Australia at Melbourne Airport on Wednesday.

48 -year -old Cheng Lei was a reporter from the National Broadcasting Corporation Business Channel (CNBC). Since 2012, he has been an anchor of the English Channel (CGTN) of the Global Television Network until he was officially detained by China.

The Ministry of National Security of China issued a notification on the WeChat public account on Wednesday, and the details of the first -public case were released.

The notice stated that Cheng Lei was climbed by a certain overseas institutional personnel in May 2020, violating the confidential terms signed with the employment unit, and illegally provided the national secrets in the work provided to the overseas institution through mobile phones.

The report said that the Beijing National Security Bureau took criminal compulsory measures against Cheng Lei in August 2020. After Cheng Lei arrived, he truthfully confess the facts of the crime and voluntarily pleaded guilty.In two months, it was exported to the country, and Cheng Lei did not appeal.

When Chenglei was detained for three years in early August this year, she published a Public Letter , describing his experience of being detained and expressing his thoughts on your family.

Albanis also said that the Australian government will continue to call on Beijing to release another Australian Chinese writer Yang Hengjun, another Australian Chinese writer in China.After Yang Hengjun took a plane from the United States to Guangzhou, China in January 2019, he was arrested and detained by Beijing officials for suspected spy.

Albanis's goal was to improve relations with China last year. He said that he is expected to visit China this year.

According to Bloomberg, the Chinese ambassador to Australia, Xiao Qian, said at an event held at the Asian Association on Melbourne on Wednesday that Albanis's visit to China this year will promote Sino-Australian relations improve .

He said that the common ground between China and Australia is more than different, which provides a basic background for the restoration of the relationship between the two countries. "We hope that (China -Australia relations) will surpass stability and further improve."