Aiming at Reuters last Friday (June 14) reported that the U.S. military has conducted secret operations against the Chinese vaccine in the Philippines. The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines said on Tuesday (18th) that the U.S. military did a means of indignation.The pseudo -dual standard and evil nature are exposed.The United States hung human rights all day to their mouths, but the largest human rights in the life and health of the people of the Philippines are doing things.

According to Reuters, the US military launched a secret operation during the crown disease epidemic, using social media accounts to counterfeit the Philippines to release information about the insecurity of Chinese vaccines and anti -epidemic supplies, so that the local people would treat China to China.The safety and effectiveness of the vaccine and other life assistance are doubtful.

According to a statement issued by the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines in the form of a question and answer, a spokesman said that China is a responsible country.Aid countries with anti -epidemic supplies and vaccines.The two countries of China and the Philippines watched and helped, carried out anti -epidemic cooperation, and made important contributions to the world's ultimate victory over the world.However, the China -Philippine Anti -Echination Cooperation has experienced many difficult and twists and turns. One of the important reasons is that the deliberate obstruction and damage of some foreign countries and forces, and the people of the two countries have resolutely opposed it and fought strongly.In the past two years, there have been some insider exposure.The introduction of the above report finally made some truths in the world.

The spokesman pointed out that the approach of the U.S. military is amazing, and the puppet dual standards and evil essences of the United States are exposed.The United States hangs human rights all day, but it is just the opposite of the human rights of the Philippine people's life and health.The United States shouted its commitment to the allies, but at a critical moment that the resistance to the same way, the United States prioritized, so that the Philippine people were helpless.The United States is full of morality. In fact, not only does it help the Philippine people, ignores the health of the people of the Philippines, but will do everything possible to prevent the Philippine people from getting Chinese assistance from geopolitical and private.Creating rumors and deceptions on the major issues involving crown vaccines involving global public health and dare to rush to the world.

The spokesman said that people are not faithful, and their country is not strong.If the United States really claims, it should stop the processing of false information that is scattered for other countries, effectively assume the responsibility of the great powers, and effectively respect the regional countries to maintain the health and well -being of the people and the peaceful and stable region.

In addition, there are comments in the Philippines that since the United States launched a secret and false information action during the epidemic to oppose the Chinese vaccine, it is possible to take the same action on the issue of the sea to shape the image of China's "bullying"The spokesman responded to this that the people of China and the Philippines should maintain high vigilance, polish their eyes, timely expose the resistance of false information and stimulating the wind, and control the fate in their own hands, and take care of China -Philippine relations and the South China Sea together.Peace and stability.