Geng Shuang, deputy representative of the Chinese Permanent Representative of the United Nations, said that it is necessary to specifically call on the United States to actively end the Russian -Ukraine War and restore peace, rather than continuing to increase conflict upgrades, stir up camp confrontation, and destroy international solidarity.

According to the news on Tuesday (June 18), the website of the Chinese delegation stationed in the United Nations, Geng Shuang spoke when the Security Council reviewed the Ukrainian issue, and stopped fire as soon as possible.The continuous European security framework is in line with the common interests of all parties, and it is also the common expectations of the international community.

He said that in order to encourage and support the efforts that help to alleviate the situation, China and Brazil jointly proposed the "six consensus" on the Ukrainian crisis, emphasizing that dialogue negotiations are the only feasible way to solve the crisis.Create conditions to resume direct dialogue and promote the cooling and relaxation of the situation until a comprehensive ceasefire is reached."We hope that more countries will support the 'six -point consensus', and they will run peacefully together."

Geng Shuang said that all the information that China ’s diplomatic efforts to release are consistent, that is, persuasion and talk, politics, politics, politicsSolutions, and call on the parties to show their political will, do each other, and start peace talks at an early date; at the same time, they call on the relevant countries to uphold an objective and fair position to create favorable conditions for this.

He said: "In particular, we must call on the United States to play an active role in ending the war early and restoration of peace, rather than continuing to increase the conflict upgrade, provoke camp confrontation, and destroy international solidarity. China will continue to maintain with relevant parties to maintainContact communication, make unremitting efforts to promote the crisis of political resolution and play a constructive role.Three principles: overflowing, not upgrading the war, and not arching all parties "are cooling down; calling on all parties to adhere to dialogue negotiations, increase humanistic assistance; oppose the use of large -scale killing weapons, attack nuclear power plants and other facilities, as well as calling for the maintenance of the global industrial chainThe supply chain is stable.

Six o'clock consensus also proposed to hold an international conference, but it should be "held at the appropriate time that both Russia and Ukraine are recognized.

Switzerland held a two -day Ukraine Peace Summit on June 15th, and Russia was not invited.China Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said on May 31 that China was difficult to attend the meeting and had notified considerations to relevant parties.