Japanese Prime Minister Kishita Kishita worshiped sacrifice to the Yasukuni Shrine. The Chinese Embassy in Japan urged Japan to face up and deeply reflect on the history of aggression, and to clear the boundaries with the militarism.

China and Japan have resumed disputes due to the issue of the Yasukuni Shrine.On Tuesday (October 17), the first day of the routine sacrifice of the Yasukuni Shrine. On the same day, Kishida worshiped sacrifice to the Yasukuni Shrine.

According to the China News Agency, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Japan responded on Tuesday that the Yasukuni Shrine was the spiritual tools and symbols of the Japanese militarism launched the war of foreign aggression.The worship of the Yasukuni Shrine, which is worshiped by the Grade A of World War II and the worship of the war of aggression, once again reflects the wrong attitude towards history. "The Chinese side resolutely opposed it.

A spokesman said that the Japanese side seriously urged the Japanese side to consider and deeply reflect on the history of aggression, scratched the boundaries with the militarism, and used actual actions to trust in the Asian neighbor and the international community.

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Mao Ning has responded to this at a regular press conference on Tuesday, emphasizing that China has resoluteThe statement and commitment of the history of aggression are completely cut with militarism.