(Washington Composite Electric) The US military in the northeast of Jordan is a base near the Syrian border. It was attacked by drones on Sunday (January 28). Three US military killed and more than 30 people were injured.This is the first time since the outbreak of the Harbin conflict, the first time that the US soldiers have died in the enemy's artillery fire in the Middle East.The US President Biden vowed to fight back, and the regional tension was expected to exacerbate, causing concerns about the expansion of the conflict of Harbin.

Biden said that although the information about the attack is still under collection, the United States knows that it is an attack launched by armed organizations supported by Iran in Syria and Iraq.When Biden attended a rally in South Carolina on the same day, he silently sorrowed the U.S. military who was killed and said, "We will respond."

U.S. Secretary of Defense Austin also said that it will not tolerate the attack of the US military. "We will take all necessary actions to defend the interests of the United States, the United States, and our interests."

The U.S. Central Command said on Sunday evening that the logistics support unit of the US military "Tower 22" (Tower 22) in the Northeast of Jordan was attacked. At least 34 soldiers were injured, and eight of them had to be transported urgently for further treatment.Stablize.

Two U.S. military officials said that the drone launched an attack not far from the US barracks in the early morning, which shows why the number of U.S. military casualties is so much.


Iran denies the attack involving the US military

There are currently about 3,500 U.S. military stationed in Jordan to assist Jordan to fight terrorism.Jordan, Barin, Egypt, and Britain all condemned the attack. British Foreign Minister Cameron called on Iran to alleviate the tension in the Middle East.

The Iranian representative in the United Nations issued a statement on Monday, denied that Tehran involved the attack on the US military.The statement said: "Iran does not involve it, and it has nothing to do with the attack of the US military base." Iran said that the U.S. military conflicts with the local resistance and will be attacked by revenge.

Hamas spokesman Zuhri said that the attack sent a message to the United States, that is, unless the killing of the people of the Gaza, it would face a further blow and warned that the conflict of Harbin may cause the regional situation to explode.

Bynden faces the Republican attack experts: must make sufficient reactions

Before the US military was attacked, the U.S. forces stationed in Iraq and Syria were attacked by more than 150 armed organizations supported by Iran. The U.S. warships were also attacked by the Hassas armed forces supported by Iran.Bloomberg analyzed the article pointed out that Bayndon was increasingly facing the tremendous pressure of directly confrontation with Iran. The Republican camp attacked him for being weak and indecisive, but made Iran more mad.

Sources revealed that the attack will force the United States to make a stronger response.One of the ways is to issue a clear information on Iran's secrets, but they do not admit that they are doing it.The United States can also use Iranian officials as the target, just like former President Trump ordered the commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard in Baghdad in 2020.

Former American intelligence officials and the Middle Eastern issue of the Atlantic Council of Washington Think Tank Panikov said: "The Biden government will have to take action to try to make a strong enough response to give full play to a certain degree of deterrence to avoid similar similarityThe situation occurs again, and at the same time, it will not lead to conflict upgrade.

Tower 22, which is attacked, is close to the border between Jordan and Syria and Iraq. It has an important strategic position, but the outside world knows very little about it.Defense system.

It is known that there are 350 army and Air Force personnel in the Tower 22, which is very close to the Al-Tanf Base in Syria.Tanfu Base also has a small number of U.S. forces to play a key role in fighting against Islamic State.Because the two bases are approaching, they can support each other to monitor the movement of Iraqi organizers and the movement of militants supported by Iran.

Jordan is one of the countries with the largest number of overseas military funding by Washington.There are hundreds of U.S. instructors in Jordan, and joint military exercises are held with the U.S. military throughout the year.Since Syria broke out in 2011, Washington has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to assist Amman to set up a comprehensive boundary monitoring system to prevent armed elements from Syria and Iraq sneak into Jordan.