(Manila / Beijing Composite Television) In response to Chinese and Philippine vessels collided in the southern China seawater, the Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that if China is different, it will not be able to achieve peace.

The Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Wednesday (June 19) on Monday (17th) of the Chinese and Philippine vessels on Monday (17th) to criticize the Chinese side to launch "illegal and aggressive behavior" when the Filipino personnel perform the supply mission.

Statement said that the Philippines worked hard to re -create a conversation with China in the South China Sea topic, but "if China has different words and deeds in waters, it cannot be achieved."

"We expect to act with China sincerely and responsible to avoid doing the safety of harmful personnel and ships."

The Philippines details Chinese personnel to board, take guns, etc.

In the collision of Monday, Manila's finger of a Philippine army was cut off, and the Philippine ship was only destroyed.The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded on Wednesday that the Chinese maritime police's "law enforcement measures are professional and restrained", and said that they did not take measures directly to the Filipino staff.

Comprehensive Reuters and Agence France -Presse reported that the Philippines stated the incident for the first time on Wednesday, stating that Chinese personnel collided and boarded the Filipino Navy's boats, and also took off the firearms.Major Philippine Navy Torres said: "Chinese maritime police officers illegally boarded our hard -shell inflatable boat."

He pointed out that during the confrontation, the Philippine commander ordered the crew not to show his weapons, so the firearms were hidden on the boat, but they were still taken away by Chinese personnel.The Chinese maritime police also "deliberately pierced" the Philippine inflatable boat.

Blauna, chief commander of the Philippine Armed Forces, said that there were eight Chinese maritime police ships in the incident.Chinese personnel carried weapons such as opening a knife and spear, and the Philippine staff returned with bare hands.

China insists not to take direct measures to the Filipino personnel

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian, at the routine press conference, responded to the Philippines on Wednesday, emphasized that the law enforcement measures of the Chinese maritime police "" aimed at blocking the Filipino ships illegally replenishing, and there were no direct people to the Philippines directly.Take measures".China has also urged the Philippines to "immediately stop infringing provocations."

Earlier, the Chinese Maritime Police referred to the danger of the Feili supply ship, and intentionally collided with the normally navigation of China, forcing China to take control measures such as warning blocking, boarding inspection, and forced driving away.

China and the Philippines have recently continued to have disputes in the South China Sea.Reuters reported that the Philippine senior management decided to adjust the policy at a national security conference in February 2023 and began to disclose the pictures of the Chinese and Philippine ships at sea at sea, which aroused the attention of the international community's attention to sovereignty disputes in the South China Sea.

The Filipino Animal Spokesperson Malaya, who was attending the meeting at the time, said that the purpose of doing so was "a serious cost to Beijing's reputation, image and status."The Philippine official also regularly allows foreign journalists to go to the sea with the ship to win the support of the international community.

Talira, a spokesman for the Philippine Coast Guard, believes that this policy has worked because it has won support for the Philippines. Although the number of sea frictions increased at sea, China's attacks remain unchanged.

Officials, regional diplomats and analysts interviewed by China and the Philippines in the interview pointed out that the Philippines has limited China's ability to upgrade maritime affairs through public operations and deepen the military alliance with the United States, but this move has also increased China to ChinaImplementing economic retaliation and the risk of being involved in disputes in the United States.