The Chinese Ambassador to the United States Xie Feng and the director of the White House National Anti -Drug Policy Office, Gu Puta, emphasized that the problem of Fentney is not a problem in China, nor is it a Chinese -made problem.

According to the Chinese Embassy in the United States on Monday (June 17), Xie Feng met with Gubu Tower on Friday (14th) local time.National anti -drug cooperation has conducted frank and in -depth communication.

Xie Feng welcomes Gubuta to visit China. When introducing the recent work of the Chinese anti -drug department, it is emphasized that the issue of fentanyl is not a problem in China or a problem made in China.

Xie Feng pointed out that based on humanitarian considerations, China has been struggling to help the United States in response to the Finaster's problem and pay great efforts to show the sincerity of cooperation. ThereforeTreatment and solve the concerns of China, create a good atmosphere for the next cooperation.

Xie Feng met with Guba on January 22 this year, and the two sides frankly communicated with anti -drug cooperation between the two countries.

China and the United States restarted negotiations on restricting the production of fentanyl in Beijing on January 30 this year.This is the first time that the two countries have held a meeting of the two countries to cooperate to combat drug crimes after the Sino -US anti -drug cooperation cooperation was suspended from Sino -US anti -drug cooperation in 2022.