A senior US official said that if Chinese chip manufacturer SMIC is a telecommunications giant Huawei production processor, it may violate US law.

According to Bloomberg, the Deputy Minister of Commerce Alan Estevez in the United States on Thursday (March 21) in the US Congress, he was asked about SMIC's 7 -nanometer made for Huaweiprocessor.

When Michael McCaul, chairman of the US Representative's Foreign Affairs Committee, asked whether the above -mentioned approach violated the US control, Estwitz replied: "May yes."

Estviz said he did not discuss any investigations that might may be or not, "but we do have such doubts."

Estwitz is the head of the Industrial and Security Agency of the US Department of Commerce. The bureau is responsible for chip export control and sanctions. The U.S. government hopes that these measures can make Chinese semiconductor attempts.

Huawei suddenly launched a new Mate 60 Pro smartphone when he visited China at the end of August last August.Multi -party evaluation shows that this mobile phone is equipped with a SMIC's 7 -nanometer chip, which has a network speed of 5G, which is regarded as a major technological breakthrough in Huawei, causing the American politics to fluctuate.