Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Wang Yi and Australian Foreign Minister Huang Yingxian held the seventh round of China -Australia diplomacy and strategic dialogue with Australian Foreign Minister Huang Yingxian on Wednesday (March 20).Scholars of interviewees analyzed that Beijing will consolidate diplomatic layouts before the US election; and American allies have considered the possible uncertainties in the election and are willing to repair relations with Beijing.

Wang Yi has officially visited New Zealand and Australia from March 17th .This trip was the first time he visited Australia in the past seven years. It is generally believed that this is the latest sign of the temporary improvement of relations between the two countries.

According to the statement of the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Wang Yi mentioned on Wednesday when he talks with Huang Yingxian on Kanberra that after the joint efforts of both parties, Sino -Australian relations have achieved ice breaking, re -sailing, and exchanges and cooperation in various fields have gradually recovered.

He said that on the basis of the good momentum of bilateral relations to date, the two sides should jointly build a more mature and stable and more fruitful comprehensive strategic partnership on the basis of a better -acting posture of bilateral relations.

Wang Yi also mentioned that China -Australia's economy is highly complementary and has a huge potential. The correct approach is to work hard to make the common interests of common interests, and provide a good business environment for enterprises in the two countries.

He also emphasized that China has always pursued an independent peace foreign policy and has consistently regarded the Australian policy.Independence should also be an important principle of Australia's foreign policy.The development of China -Australia relations is not targeted at third parties, nor should they be affected or disturbed by third parties.

About a week before Wang Yi departed, China announced that it would consider canceling a trade tariff for up to 218%of Australian wines. This is one of the last major sanctions that the two countries have implemented in 2020 have been implemented.

Comprehensive Reuters and Agence France -Presse reported that Wang Yi said during the meeting that China will make the final decision to cancel the punitive tariff at the end of this month.

Huang Yingxian further pointed out when the press conference should be inquired that Australia also hopes that China will cancel tariffs on beef and lobster.In addition, they also discussed the issue of international nickel price fluctuations.

Huang Yingxian also revealed that the two sides have agreed to prepare for Li Qiangnian's visit to Australia.

In addition, Huang Yingxian also mentioned that during the talks, she proposed the Australian government's concerns about topics such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong's human rights, South China Sea conflict, maritime unsafe behavior, and the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait and the region.

Huang Yingxian also emphasized to Wang Yi specially that the Australian people were shocked by Australian Chinese writer Yang Hengjun in China.

Wang Yi also met with Australian Prime Minister Albanis and members of the Australian Central Council groups on the same day, and had discussions with people from all walks of life such as industrial and commercial, strategies in Australia; on Thursday, he would meet with former Australian Prime Minister Ki Ting and others.

According to the Chinese statement, Wang Yi emphasized to Albanis that since China -Australia relations have returned to the right track and clarified the direction of the forward, you should go forward firmly, do not hesitate, do not imitate, do not drive a reverse, and create a relationship between the two countries.More bright future.

Song Wendi, a lecturer in the Asia -Pacific College of the Australian University of Australia, analyzed in an interview with Lianhe Morning Post that Beijing seemed to repair Sino -Australian relations in order to slow down the process of slowing the Safety Dialogue (QUAD) and AUKUS of Australia and Britain.It is also a different approach to get rid of the risk of Chinese technology led by the United States.Australia is an important part of it.

He believes that American allies and partners are uncertain about the political transformation that may occur after the end of the United States after the end of this year, so it is also exploring the way of "hedging and buying insurance".

Wang Hongren, a professor at the Department of Political Science at Taiwan Chenggong University, also mentioned in an interview that after Beijing's self -epidemic, he actively repaired foreign relations. Assuming that Trump came to the stage to get out of cooperation with allies, the relationship established in Beijing can be able to be established.In handy; even with the re -election of Biden, in Beijing, by consolidating bilateral diplomacy, the Western Union seemed to be as stable as expected, and he could get sufficient diplomatic dividends.