123 million Americans who have a record this year watched the Super Bowl competition.

In this grand sports event in the United States, in addition to the wonderful midfield performances and shots, it has been switched to Taylor Swift many times, and many people also see the six of the Chinese e -commerce platform TEMU.30 seconds of ads.

The shopping giant was criticized by the British and American politicians -a survey by the U.S. government said that the products produced by Chinese sold on TEMU have "extremely high risks".

TEMU said that the platform "strictly forbids" all merchants using forced labor, punishment, labor or children's manufacturing products.

All products that sell the e -commerce platform from clothing to electronic products and furniture are first launched in the United States in 2022, and then launched in Britain and other parts of the world.

According to the data collected by the market analysis agency Similarweb, since then, the e -commerce platform has been among the best in the global application download rankings, and nearly 152 million Americans use it per month.

Neil Saunders, a retail analyst, said it was "Amazon".With the slogan "Shopping like a billionaire", it has set off shopping whirlwinds in 49 countries around the world.

Similarweb data shows that TEMU's advertising expenditure in 2023 was close to 1.7 billion US dollars.

A standard 30 -second super bowl advertising cost is about $ 7 million (£ 5.5 million). In this year's game, TEMU has six such advertisements.

"This is a small expense for a short advertisement," Sanders said.

"But many people saw this advertisement. We know that after this advertisement, TEMU's downloads have increased," Sanders said.

Similarweb data shows that on the day of the U.S. Super Bowl competition, the platform's global personal visits increased by nearly a quarter from last Sunday, and 8.2 million people browsed the website and applications.During the same period, Amazon and Ebay's access volumes decreased by 5%and 2%, respectively.

"They also spent a lot of money on micro -marketing, persuading Internet celebrities to promote products through social channels such as TIKTOK and YouTube, and suggested buying things on the platform." Sanders said.

Similarweb's e -commerce expert, Ines Durand, believes that these influencers usually have less than 10,000 fans.

"Wenet Red has a strong community, so their endorsement means strong trust in these products," she explained.

Shaun Rein, the founder of China Market Research Group, believes that TEMU is owned by Chinese giants "Pinduoduo", and Pinduoduo is a "monster of Chinese e -commerce."

"Everyone in China, everyone is shopping, from speakers, T -shirts to socks," he said.

The company has been competing with competitors Alibaba to compete for the top spot in the US stock market value.Pinduoduo's current market value is slightly lower than $ 150 billion (£ 117 billion).

After making Chinese consumers want to stop, Pinduoduo expands overseas with the help of TEMU and adopts the same model to ensure its previous success.According to Lei Xiaoshan, who lives in Shanghai, this company has become an important source of pride and patriotism.

"They are proud that they can defeat Amazon and other US e -commerce giants." He added.

Quickly browse the TEMU's application or website, you will see various products such as steel head sneakers to devices such as helping the elderly and pregnant women wear socks.Lei Xiaoshan explained that this is a paddy of the finished product, which is produced in Chinese factories.

"Temu uses an amazing system that depends on large -scale data collection," said Erise Duland.

"They collect data about the products of consumer trends, search and clicks the most, and provide these data to each manufacturer."

Duland said that Amazon sold these data to manufacturers at high prices, while TEMU provided it with manufacturers for free.Producers can use this information to "test the market" with a relatively small amount of products.

Duland said that the platform often uses pictures generated by artificial intelligence (AI) to keep up with the latest trends, so products sold at the sale may not exist.Then transport it through aviation.

"This means that the product does not need to be stored. Once it is transported with an airplane, it does not need to go to the warehouse, but it is sent directly to the customer." Durande said.

TEMU is directly shipped from Chinese factories to customers.

A report from the U.S. Congress shows that one -third of the package is entered into the United States through transport vulnerabilities called "minimum duty -free limit".Essence

Many countries including the United Kingdom and the United States have a minimum limit that does not need to pay tariffs and conduct formal customs declarations, which aims to help the public facilitate receiving goods.

Therefore, because TEMU's products are shipped directly from the factory workshop, it saves the middlemen, which is basically tax -free.

However, Mickey Diaz, chief operator of the global freight company's "Unique Logistics", believes that the authorities may introduce more regulatory measures to block transport loopholes.

"Britain has begun to strictly review TEMU, including the sale of weapons that were not allowed to enter the UK. These weapons were imported due to these vulnerabilities." She explained.

TEMU's supply chain has also been criticized. Political professionals in the United Kingdom and the United States have accused the e -commerce giant of allowing products to be sold on their websites.

Last year, the Chairman of the British Foreign Affairs Special Committee, member of the President Alicia Kearns, hopes to conduct a stricter review of the online market.

Temu is a subsidiary of Pinduoduo Holdings.It shows the details of the application store's application details. It shows "Team Up, Price Down" (the more people buy, the lower the price).

Temu, any merchant who cooperates with it must "comply with all regulatory standards and compliance requirements."

"Temu's merchants, suppliers and other third parties must pay employees and contractors on time, and abide by all the local applicable wages and working hours laws."

"Our current standards and practices are not different from other consumer -reliable large -scale e -commerce platforms, and the allegations in this area are completely unspeakable." The company's spokesman added.

Despite controversy, analysts expect that TEMU will be further expanded.

Retail analyst Neil Sanders predicted: "We may see some teams openBeginning to further improve its products, some products may launch a slightly higher price."

Lei Xiaoshan believes that TEMU's strategic focus will be placed on seizing greater market share.

"In the next two or three years, their strategy is only to increase brand awareness and market share. They don't care about profits."

"This is exactly what Pinduoduo did in the early days of promotion in China. They gave incredible low -cost discounts, just to seize market share."