As the outside world expects, Putin has won the fifth presidential term in the election, while the other three candidates act as the runner.

When elected officials announced that Putin had obtained more than 87%of votes, Putin pointed out that Russia's democracy was more transparent than many Western countries.The fact is that no trusted opposition person was allowed to run.

Alexei Navalny's sudden death last month, its supporters initiated a symbolic protest named "Noon Against Putin", calling on Russian citizens to be in Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc. at noon,The streets of the city and the Russian embassies and consulates gathered in front of them.However, this did not shake the election results.

Organization OVD-Info said at least 80 Russian protesters were arrested for damaging the election order.On Friday, some people poured green dyes into the voting box, and the fireworks in the voting station.

Western countries have condemned this election neither freedom nor fair.

Germany claims that this is a "pseudo -election" held under the autocratic rule that depends on review, suppression and violence.British Foreign Minister Cameron has condemned "illegal elections on Ukrainian territory."

Ukrainian President Zelleiski refers to "Russian dictators are simulating another election."

In the words of Navalnine ally, Leonid Volkov,: "Of course, Putin's votes have nothing to do with reality." Walcow was beaten by the meat hammer during the exile of Lithuania last week.Essence

Russian election: Putin announced his overwhelming victory.Thousands of people protest "manipulating elections"

"Election than the United States"

The Chinese Russians have three days of voting in this election, and in the Ukraine region occupied by Russia, residents have even longer voting time to encourage residents to participate in voting.

It is reported that an election committee official was killed on Sunday, who was occupied by Berdyansk. Some residents said that the pro -Russians visited each household with a voting box accompanied by the soldiers.

Russian officials refer to 74%of the voting rate.

On the national television station carefully controlled by the Russian government, the election results were hailed as victory, and the official voting rate was as high as 74%.

A reporter said excitedly: "The support and unity of Putin reached an incredible level, which is also a signal to Western countries."

President Putin appears to be relatively low -key when he was asked by reporters, but he did praise Russia's presidential campaign much more advanced than the United States. It mentioned that Russia used online voting and officially said that it attracted 8 million voters.

Putin was also photographed online. He said: "This is transparent and absolutely objective, unlike the US mailing vote ... You can buy a voting of $ 10."

71 -year -old Putin has ruled Russia since 2000. It is the leader of the Kremlin, the longest time since the Soviet dictatorship Stalin, and is expected to continue to administration at least until 2030.

The independent election supervision agency GOLOS has not been allowed to observe the vote, but there are reports that there are illegal acts during the election, and employees of the public sector are also pressured to vote at the voting station or online.

President Putin praised the opposition activities to encourage more voters to participate in voting, but he condemned those who destroyed the votes and said they would take action against them.

The first mention of Navari

Putin mentioned Navali at a press conference after the election, which was the first time he had publicized his name in the past few years.

The death of Putin's most sharp criticsOnce poisoned by neurotoxic agent

Putin confirmed that he had previously reported that he had considered using Navari to exchange prisoners being detained in the West, provided that Navarni would never return to Russia.

"I said my support, but unfortunately, what happened happened. What can you do? Life is like this."

The interpretation of Putin's remarks to refute his extensive allegations to kill Navalni.

Yulia Navalnaya (Yulia Navalnaya) in Berlin took a selfie after voting on March 17.

Yulia Navalnaya voted for six hours in Russia, Yulia Navalnaya, voted for six hours. She described this as part of the protest election and said that she wrote the name of the late husband in the voting.On, and thanks all the people present, saying that they gave her hope, "Everything is not in vain."

In London, a protest of a protesters said she could vote for seven hours.

Lyubov Sobol, an activist and lawyer in Washington, USA, said protesting votes will not be reflected in the results of the Cremlin's election. "But this unity and this symbol are still important."

No opponent's election

The Russian presidential election has never been fair competition.The Kremlin is strictly controlled by the political system, media and elections.

Nikolai Kharitonov, a Communist candidate, received only slightly higher than 4%, and other candidates were lower.

All three people are difficult to call serious candidates. Harritino even praised President's "trying to consolidate the victory of the country in all fields" before the election.

Millions of Russians voted to support Putin for the fifth president, partly because they believed that there was no credible alternative candidate.

But this is completely because the Kremlin has cleared any possible challengers from the political stage.Opponents are either prison, exile, or death.

Earlier, Boris Nadezhdin, an anti -war officer, intends to run, but after receiving a large number of Russians' queues for registration last month, the Central Election Commission canceled his qualifications.