The US Police reported that Zhao Anji, chairman and CEO of the Fugao Group, was drunk when Zhao Anji fell into the pond.

Comprehensive New York Times reported today that the survey report released by Police Police, the Police Police in Laram State in the United States shows that Angela Chao (Angela Chao) was in Johan Sang City, Dezhou in February in FebruaryDrunk driving in a ranch rushed into the pond and drowned.

The investigation report of the Blanko County Planco County, Dezhou, pointed out that Zhao Anji's death was an unfortunate accident. The concentration of alcohol in her blood was 0.233 grams per 100 ml, which was three times the statutory limit of the state.

According to the report, the investigators of the Blanko County Sheriff's Office watched the surveillance video at the scene. The film showed that Tesla drove by Zhao Angki rushed forward, and then reversed and crossed the limestone wall.On the 10th, the pond fell around 11.38 on the evening of the 10th.

The report stated that the deputy sheriff of Branko County received the 911 report call at around 11:53 pm on the 10th. After 17 minutes, he rushed to the scene with other police officers and then began to rescue.Emergency ambulance personnel and firefighters later joined the rescue operation and shattered the window. At 0:56 on the 11th, Zhao Anji moved out of the car.After 43 minutes of rescue, the ambulance personnel announced that Zhao Anji had died invalid.

Robert Woodlin, deputy sheriff of Blanko County, Dezhou, said in a statement on Wednesday that the report of the above report means that the investigation of Zhao Anji's death case came to an end.

Zhao Anji was born in the United States in 1973. He was born in Shanghai Jiading. He was the sister of former US Minister of Labor Minister Zhao Xiaolan.

Zhao Anji invited seven friends on February 10 to the above pasture for a weekend.Zhao Anji returned to their respective residences at about 11:30 pm after dinner with her friends.Zhao Anji drove Tesla to return to the main house from the pasture, but an accident occurred on the way. The wrong file caused the entire car to bring someone to fall into the pond.