(Bloomberg, Washington) Minister of Commerce Raymond Doro warned that electric vehicles made in China constitute a major national security risk.The Biden government is considering tariffs on cars from China and another measure to protect American personal information.

Raymond Multi -Men on Tuesday (January 30) at a discussion at the Atlantic Council of the US Think Tank, said that electric and autonomous vehicles "collect a lot of information about drivers, vehicles and the surrounding vehicle environment ... WeHope all these data flow to Beijing? "

Bloomberg News reported last week that the White House is preparing an administrative order to prevent foreign opponents from obtaining "highly sensitive" personal data.U.S. officials have long warned that China has pose a particular threat in this field.New measures may affect many industries.

A official who asked for anonymous to ask for anonymous said that Raymond's speech has nothing to do with that administrative order; it only reflects Raymond Doro from the perspective of national security and increasingly paying attention to the development of another technological field.

Raymond's theory highlights the wide range of scientific and technological warfare between the United States and China. The two outstanding examples are electric vehicles and computing chips.She compared these two industries on Tuesday: "You can ask the same question about semiconductor, many are made in China."

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Chinese car company BYD (BYD) has entered the European and Latin American markets.The photo is BYD's production line in the Changzhou factory.(Agence France -Presse)

The U.S. government has always struggled Beijing to obtain the most advanced semiconductor technology, but officials are worried that China has more than the production capacity of the old -generation chip in the global economy.

National Security Consultant Sarawan reiterated US concerns in the speech of the US Think Tank Foreign Relations Association on Tuesday evening.He said that the United States is trying to ensure that the advanced and sensitive technologies that American companies are developing will not allow their opponents to master.

BYD has not yet entered the US market.The photo was a test drive event held in Shenzhen, China on January 18. A BYD Panta 5 electric multi -purpose vehicle was driven in the obstacle training ground.(Bloomberg)

Market concerns are still the focus

In addition to national security, market concerns are still focusing on.The Biden government has invested trillions of dollars to subsidize domestic production of electric vehicles and semiconductors, and is looking for trading tools to help protect the growing foundation for manufacturing.

After reviewing the Trump's first tariffs on the Trump administration, the White House is considering whether to increase tariffs on some Chinese imported products including electric vehicles.Motors produced by Chinese auto manufacturers such as BYD CO. have entered the European and Latin American markets, but they have not yet entered the US market. Some reasons for the United States are 27.5 % of tariffs.

In terms of chips, the US Department of Commerce is investigating semiconductor customers (including auto manufacturers and all the largest technology companies) to understand how they purchase are not advanced electronic components and focus on potential tariffs.