(Hanoi Composite Television) The Vietnamese President Wu Wenzheng submitted his resignation for just one year.Vietnam's political situation may be turbulent again, affecting the confidence of foreign investors.

The resignation of Wuwen's appreciation is believed to be related to Vietnam's recent vigorous greed.Yue Tong News Agency reported on Wednesday (March 20) that according to the report of the Central Inspection Committee and functional agencies of the Communist Party of China, Wuwen appreciated the provisions of the model responsibility of cadres and party members.The secretary of the Secretary Office and the Central Committee of the Central Committee.

The report also said that the violations and shortcomings of Wuwen's appreciation have caused bad public opinion, affecting the reputation of the party, the country, and the Wuwen appreciation, and referring to the "knowing the responsibility of the party, the country and the people", soHe resigned as a member of the President of the State, a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the chairman of the National Defense Security Council.

The 53 -year -old Wuwen Award was an active resignation after the Vietnamese police announced the arrest of the deputy secretary of the former provincial party committee and chairman of the Provincial People's Committee of the Central Provincial Party Committee and the chairman of the Provincial People's Committee.It is understood that Gaoke was arrested because of corruption, and the corruption incident occurred from 2011 to 2014. Wu Wenzhan was rewarded as the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee.

The Central Committee of the Vietnam Communist Party was held on Thursday (21st) of the Vietnamese Parliament. One day before the special meeting, the meeting was discussed and approved the resignation of Wuwen.Vietnam Parliament is expected to confirm the decision of Wuwen's resignation in a special meeting.Vice President Wu's Chunchun materials will once again serve as acting chairman until the Congress elected the new President of the State.

The major changes in the leaders of Vietnamese countries have been related to anti -corruption actions in recent years.Former Vietnamese President Ruan Chunfu announced his resignation after he was violated and improper during the crown disease epidemic in January last year.In March of the same year, Wuwen Award was nominated for the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and voted through Congress to be elected as the new President.

Wuwen rewarded the original term until 2026.He allegedly had a close relationship with the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party and was considered the successor of Ruan Fuzhong.In the past few years, Wuwen appreciated the anti -corruption deputy of Ruan Fuzhong; because Wuwen Awards did not involve any corruption scandals, it was considered to be the leader who continued to crack down on corruption and moral authority.

Although the official anti -corruption actions of Vietnam aim to eliminate corruption and increase investor confidence, it is also questioned by critics as a tool for political internal fighting.Although the current political crisis is likely to be resolved by the rapid selection of the new state chairman, high -level leaders have repeatedly developed personnel changes and reorganizations, which may damage investors' confidence in this country that highly depends on foreign investment.

The General Secretary of the Central Committee, President of the Communist Party of China, President of the Communist Party of China, President of the Government, and President of the Congress are known as the "four -driving carriage" in Vietnam politics.In the Vietnamese party and government structure, the President of the State President is second only to the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.