Bill Blair, Canada's Defense Minister, criticized on Monday (October 16) that Chinese fighters intercepted a "dangerous and recklessness" of a Canadian maritime patrol aircraft. At that time, the plane was helping the United Nations for executionSanctions on DPRK.

According to the France -Presse News on Tuesday (17th), the staff of the Global News Television (Global News Television) on the aircraft said that Chinese aircraft followed the international waters to follow the Canadian aurora patrol aircraft for several hours for several hoursOne of the Chinese planes is less than five meters from Canadian planes.

Blair told reporters in Ottawa that the Chinese Air Force's behavior is "unprofessional" and "dangerous and reckless."Blair said he had conveyed his concerns to Beijing.

It is reported that the Canadian Aurora patrol aircraft and their 13 machine group members were performing tasks at the time to support the UN Security Council's sanctions against North Korea in response to North Korea's nuclear weapons test and ballistic missile launch.

In 2018, Canada, in accordance with the requirements of the US government's judicial assistance, arrested Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Huawei, a Chinese science and technology giant who transferred in Vancouver, then detained two citizens in Canada in China with spies.Turn straight down.Until the China and the United States reached an agreement, the above three talents were released in 2021.

Canada expelled Chinese diplomats Zhao Wei in May this year, and China subsequently listed the Canadian Consulate General in Shanghai as "unpopular people" and asked her to leave China.Sino -Canadian relations have fallen to the trough since this year.