Liu Jianchao, Minister of the CPC Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee, on Tuesday (January 9), local time, emphasized that the issue of Taiwan is the "core of the core interests" in mainland China, and it is also a "unable to cross the red line".The United States should not support Taiwan independence. I hope the United States will keep their promises.

Liu Jianchao attended the event in New York by the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR, Chinese Translation as the Foreign Relations Committee) to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, discuss the status quo of the relations between China and the United States, and the two countries.The head of the head of state to global stability and cooperation.

Liu Jianchao, assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China and served as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for nearly 30 years, spoke in English at the meeting, emphasizing that the issue of Taiwan is the "core of the core interests" in Beijing, and it is also an indispensable red line: "We take a serious look at it seriouslyThe United States does not support the various statements of the 'Taiwan independence', and I hope the United States will abide by their promises. "

Taiwan Election willIt was held on Saturday (January 13).On January 7, the week before the election in Beijing announced Five US military enterprises The anti -countermeasures that the United States approved the sell to Taiwan at the end of last year to sell about 300 million US dollars (nearly $ 400 million) in Taiwan at the end of last year, and expressed dissatisfaction with the United States' failure to stop armed in Taiwan.

Liu Jianchao said at the CFR meeting that China and the United States should properly control the differences and control. The two countries have been in contact for many years, and they also know that the core interests and red lines of each other are incompetent.

Liu Jianchao emphasized that the unity of China is the dream of Chinese people in the mainland and the Chinese cross -strait. This is also the strong wish of the mainland government's "firm, clear and strong policy" and the strong wishes of the Chinese people.

He also shouted to Taiwan that as long as he follows the "One China Consensus", the relevant party (FACTIONS) of the mainland and Taiwan can communicate and dialogue: "We advocate the peaceful development of cross -strait relations and hope that the two parties willCommunicate on the basis of a Chinese policy and principles.

For Sino -US relations, Liu Jianchao called on the two countries to expand mutually beneficial cooperation and add certainty to bilateral relations.

He said that this visit to the United States aims to communicate with people from all walks of life on how to implement San Francisco's vision and promote the dialogue between governments, legislators, and political parties. "Because we believe that communication is the only way to enhance consensus to enhance consensus"".

Liu Jianchao said that there are no fields in China that cannot cooperate with the United States. The possibility and potential of cooperation are there, and it means that the two countries can cooperate in extensive fields such as trade, agriculture, law enforcement, and artificial intelligence.But this depends on the United States' cognition of China, based on full understanding and correct understanding of China's strategic intent.

He said: "China is indeed growing and has the right to grow and grow. Therefore, China will naturally become stronger in economy, military and many other fields ... We do not have any unspeakable purpose, surpassing the United States is not not the United States, it is not not the United States.Our goal " On the other hand, Liu Jianchao said, "I don't believe any form of war wolf diplomacy" about whether China changes the "wolf diplomatic diplomacy."The relationship has created a good international environment for China's modernization.