After visiting the United States, Xiao Meiqin, the vice president of Taiwan, went to Europe, and gave a speech at the Czech Republic to attend a local think tank event.

Comprehensive Reuters and United Daily reports, the Czech Senate Speaker Witzi posted on Tuesday (March 19) in social media X, and was accompanied by a photo with Xiao Meiqin.

The post says that Vitzi and the newly elected vice president of Taiwan, Xiao Meiqin, met at a "Strengthening Taiwan and Czech Partnership and Cooperation Seminar" organized by the Czech think tank "analysis of China".Essence

Liu Yongjian, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, explained that Xiao Meiqin's visit to the Czech Republic should be visited and delivered by the invitation of "analysis of China" in the local think tank, and exchanged opinions and interactive exchanges with friends before formal employment.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan said that in this case, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will explain to the outside world at an appropriate time.

According to foreign media reports, before Xiao Meiqin went to the Czech Republic to visit, he carried out a private itinerary in low -key in the United States.

The Wall Street Journal quoted a message last week that Xiao Meiqin discussed with several officials in the United States with several officials in the United States. She also plans to visit the capital of several European countries in private.

It is reported that Taiwan and the United States have alert response to Beijing, trying to keep Xiao Meiqin confidential.