China plans to boost the problems faced by the manufacturing industry in response to the economy, and the US ambassador to China Burns pointed out that if China exports the excess production capacity of the export of people as a low price or even dumping, it will damage the global trading system, while others will be otherwise, and others willThe state will respond.

Bernus attended an online lecture on Friday (March 15) when he attended an online lecture organized by the East -West Center, and worked with concerns about China's vigorously boosting manufacturing practices.

In this year's government work report, Chinese officials listed the "vigorously promoting the construction of the modern industrial system and accelerating the development of new quality" in this year's work task, releasing signals that will develop modern manufacturing.

Bernus said that from the perspective of the two Chinese sessions (the National People's Congress, the CPPCC Annual Meeting), China intends to greatly improve its manufacturing capabilities to cope with economic slowdown, achieve more growth, and create more employment opportunities.

But he was worried: "If this happens, there will be excess capacity, and more solar boards, electric vehicles and other products.State will destroy the global trade system.

Bernus also warned that China output excess capacity in this way is "unwise", and "countries around the world will respond to this."

China has exported a large number of electric vehicles, solar panels and other products in the West in the West in recent years.The United States and the European Union are increasingly worried that China's export growth is at a certain extent at the expense of other countries.At present, EU has launched an anti-subsidy survey of electric cars imported from China. .

Bernus said that Chinese enterprises can obtain various subsidies from the provincial and central governments, which allows enterprises to lower their prices artificially and form unfair market competition. "This will be a major issue in 2024."

Scientific and technological war is the core of Sino -US competition

After the first meeting in San Francisco last November, the two countries have stabilized, but Bernus emphasized that China and the United States will continue to be "systemic opponents", and technology will be "the core of combat" in many aspects.

"(This is the development of technology, whether it is artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum science, and biotechnology, it will not only change the global economy and our lives in business technology, but many of them will bringNew military technology, the balance of power in the future. "

In recent years, the United States has increased to China in the field of science and technology. It not only has "card neck" in Chinese products such as chips, but also strictly restricts the investment in China's sensitive technology field.

Bernus said: "We refuse to sell these technologies so that the PLA cannot use them to fight against the United States."

Asked whether the United States is weakening, and whether China's rise is unstoppable, Bernes refutes the saying "eastward and west", saying that the United States is becoming stronger in strategic, military and economical.

He said that although some people have predicted that China's nominal GDP will surpass the United States in the past ten years, the fact is that the gap between China and the United States is expanding; China's economy has insufficient consumption, real estate bubbles, and decreased fertility rates.

Bernus believes that the United States has maintained the leading technology field in the fields of transformative technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum technology and biotechnology, and formed a benign triangle relationship between the government, university and private enterprises after World War II.It is very effective to promote American basic scientific research and innovative applications.

He said: "China is entering a different stage of its economic history, and the United States is booming ... From the perspective of economic performance, especially in advanced technology, this is a particularly optimistic period (the United States)."