The US Ambassador to China Berns said that China ’s criticism of the US Tiktok Act is very ironic.

On Wednesday (March 13), the U.S. House of Representatives was overwhelming, and the Chinese Internet giant bytes were required to diverse the short video platform Tiktok's bill.According to the bill, the byte beating must be sold Tiktok within 180 days, otherwise it will face the fate of being banned.China criticized the House of Representatives. This is the opposite of the principles of fair competition and international economic and trade rules."

According to Bloomberg, Bernus said in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Thursday (March 14) that China does not give its citizens to use the American social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), Facebook, Facebook, Instagram's rights, but Chinese officials can criticize the United States on X, "I think this is very ironic."

Bernus said: "In many ways, technology is now the core of competition between the United States and China. Whether it is business technology, such as Tiktok, or that can be transformed into military technology and our competitive ability,Technology.Question, "Do we want American companies or Chinese companies to have a very important technology of Tiktok? Do we want American companies or Chinese companies to obtain millions of Americans?" The answer to these two questions is obviously visibleEssence

In this regard, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Wang Wenbin responded at a regular press conference on Friday (March 15) that China's policy of treating overseas social media and the attitude towards Tiktok with the United States is completely"As long as we comply with the requirements of Chinese laws and regulations, we have always welcomed various platform products and services to enter the Chinese market. This provision has no discrimination against all foreign companies."

Legal registration, legal compliance, and acceptance of the United States, the United States will do everything possible to use national forces to target it. Not only must they implement the ban, but even forced peeling."A country that advertises freedom of speech and claims to be a free market economy, but he does not hesitate to use national power to target specific enterprises.At the press conference, the United States Tiktok bill said that the United States should effectively respect the principles of market economy and fair competition, stop unreasonable targeting other countries, and provide open, fair, fair, and non -discriminated environment for enterprises in the United States in the United States.It should strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations, and China will take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.