The third meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Comprehensive Deepening the Reform Commission was held to emphasize the improvement of the budget system of state -owned capital operations, promoting the concentration of key areas of state -owned capital to key areas related to national security, and conducting the scope of monopoly business on natural monopoly linksSupervision to prevent the use of monopoly advantages to extend the competitive links upstream and downstream.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and Director of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, hosted a meeting on Tuesday (November 7) in the afternoon of Tuesday (November 7).Cai Qi attended the meeting.

The meeting reviewed and approved the opinions on comprehensively promoting the construction of beautiful China, the opinions on further improving the budget system of the state -owned capital operation, the implementation opinions on the improvement of the supervision system of the natural monopoly linkGuidance of supervision and management and guidance on strengthening the control of ecological environment partitions.

Xi Jinping emphasized that the budget of state -owned capital operation is an important part of the national budget system. It is necessary to improve the state -owned capital business budget system, expand the scope of implementation, strengthen functional effects, improve the management of payments, and improve capital efficiency.

The meeting emphasized that we must give full play to the institutional advantages of concentrated power to do major events, focus on promoting the optimization and structural adjustment of the state -owned economic layout, and promoting state -owned capital to the important industries and key areas of national security and national economic life.Public services, emergency capabilities, and public welfare areas that are related to the national economy and people's livelihood are concentrated in looking forward to the strategic and strategic emerging industries.

The meeting also mentioned that we must always adhere to the idea of ​​"spending a tight life", strengthen the scientific coordination and reasonable distribution of fiscal resources, reasonably determine the scale of budget revenue and expenditure, coordinate and improve people's livelihood, prevent extravagance and waste, etc.EssenceWe must adhere to the legal budget, strengthen budget constraints, and give play to the role of the people's congress.

In response to the supervision of natural monopolies, the meeting proposed that it is necessary to improve the supervision system, strengthen the system design, improve the regulatory system, enhance regulatory capabilities, enhance the control of the state -owned economy on natural monopoly links, better meet the establishment of a modern foundation for constructionThe needs of the facility system can better guarantee national security.

The meeting pointed out that the network links of power, oil and gas, railway and other industries have natural monopoly attributes and are key areas of the state -owned economic layout.It is necessary to improve the regulatory system, focus on strengthening the implementation of major national strategic and planning tasks, fulfilling national security responsibilities, fulfilling social responsibility, fulfillment of social responsibilities, fulfillment of operating behavior, and business behavior, and promote the company who is in the natural monopoly link to focusIndustry increases state -owned capital to invest in network infrastructure to enhance the reliability of backbone network security.It is necessary to supervise the scope of monopoly business and competitive business in natural monopoly links to prevent the use of monopoly advantages from extending to upstream and downstream competitive links.

Xi Jinping also mentioned at the meeting that it is necessary to anchor the beautiful Chinese goals in 2035, and continue to promote the tackling of pollution prevention, accelerate the green transformation of the development mode, improve the diversity, stability, continuous ecosystem diversity, stability, continuity of the ecosystem, Promote the impact of the implementation of the ecological environment.