(Shenzhen Comprehensive News) In response to the price of the US dollar bonds of Chinese housing enterprises Vanke, the Shenzhen State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission has spoken.Vanke's major shareholder Shenzhen Metro Corporation also shows that it has prepared a market tools worth over 10 billion yuan (below, about 1.892 billion yuan), adding cash flow to Vanke.

Since late October, Vanke's multiple US dollar bond prices have continued to fall, and the value of multiple bonds has fallen 40%, and A -share price is close to cutting.Evergrande, Country Garden and other housing companies also had similar declines before breach of contract.

At the explanation meeting held by the Shenzhen State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission on Monday (November 6) on Monday (November 6), the Vanke team fully recognized and trust the Vanke team, and promised to use all possible marketization and rule of law to help help.Vanke actively respond.

Wang Yongjian, director of the Shenzhen State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, said that Vanke is an important member of Shenzhen's state -owned state -owned enterprise family. It will support Vanke's development in accordance with laws and regulations to help Vanke keep the bottom line without operating risks.

Members of an important state -owned asset system

Chinese officials are rare to support housing and enterprises, comparing the gentle and passive formation of the previous officials to Evergrande and Country Garden.According to the analysis, the Shenzhen State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Metro Corporation expressed their support. The main reason was that Vanke was an important member of the Shenzhen state -owned system.

Nanfang.com reported that Shenzhen's state assets include Vanke into the scope of statistical statements. Vanke's total assets, operating income, and total profit accounted for more than 30 % of the state -owned assets in Shenzhen. Vanke's operations have a significant impact on Shenzhen's state -owned assets.

Xin Jie, chairman of Deep Rail Group and the vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Vanke on October 28, said: "When the industry is facing the challenge, there is a Shenzhen Railway Group behind Vanke.It will always support Vanke's healthy development in all directions.

Vanke's stock price rose more than 2%on Tuesday, but fell rapidly, closing a 0.33%, and many domestic debt rose.

The contract sales amount in the first nine months of this year was 280.6 billion yuan, ranking second in the industry. After Poly Real Estate, the cumulative sales of "Golden Nine Silver Ten" increased by more than 40 % from the previous two months.The company's total liabilities are 1.24 trillion yuan, which is lower than Evergrande and Country Garden debt.

A report from the S & P Global Rating stated last week that Vanke has sufficient liquidity to repay debts.Moreover, if the monthly sales remain at the current level, then in the next 12 to 18 months, Vanke will achieve positive cash flow.

For the industry, Vanke is a special case.According to Reuters quoted Nomura Securities analysts, the government's support for Vanke has limited impact on other private developers and industries.

China's real estate industry continues to be sluggish.The sales performance data released by Kerry's first 10 months of the first 10 months showed that the sales amount of the top 100 housing companies in China was 4.5 trillion, a year -on -year decrease of 12.7%.