During the visit to Myanmar, the assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of China called on Myanmar, and called on Myanmar to cooperate with China to maintain the stability of China -Myanmar border to ensure the safety of the Chinese border people.

According to the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday (November 6), Nong Rong visited Myanmar from November 3rd to 5th.During the visit, Nongrong met with the Vice Premier and Foreign Minister Dan Sui in Myanmar, and held foreign consultations with Myanmar Deputy Foreign Minister Lunwu.Chinese ambassador to Myanmar, Chen Hai, participated in the event.

Nongrong said that China attaches great importance to the development of Chinese and Myanmar's neighbor -friendly relations. It will adhere to the concept of conspired of the peripheral diplomatic concepts, and implement the results of Chinese President Xi Jinping's historic visit of 2020.Quality promotes the cooperation of the “Belt and Road” to promote the construction of the China -Burma ’s destiny community.

Nongrong emphasized that as a friendly neighbor state, China sincerely hopes that Myanmar will resume stability and development as soon as possible, support all parties in Myanmar under the constitution and legal framework, and achieve reconciliation through dialogue.The Myanmar party is required to cooperate with China to maintain the stability of the China -Myanmar border and effectively protect the personal and property of the Chinese border people, and take effective measures to strengthen China's security in Myanmar, institutions and projects in Myanmar.China is willing to cooperate with Myanmar to continue to crack down on cross -border crimes such as online gambling electricity fraud.

During the visit, Nongrong also inspected the China -Myanmar oil and gas pipelines and other China -Myanmar -made "Belt and Road" key projects, and discussed with Chinese -funded Chinese -funded enterprises in Myanmar.

In addition, Nongrong also attended the 10th senior official meeting of Lanmei Cooperation held in the Belish capital of Myanmar on November 3.The senior officials of Nongrong and the co -chair of the co -chairman of Myanmar chaired the meeting, and senior officials of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnamese attended.The six parties reviewed the progress of Lanmei cooperation in the past year, summarized the experience of cooperation, and exchanged in -depth opinions on the next cooperation.