The incident caused by the famous Argentine star Messi in Hong Kong is still fermenting.On February 9th, the 30th year, Hangzhou Sports Bureau announced . In view of the well-known reasThe Chinese trip canceled.On February 10th, the first year of the year, The Beijing Football Association announced . At presentplan.

In January this year, the Argentine national team announced that it will play two warm -up games in Beijing and Hangzhou in March, which will be an important competition for the team to prepare for the 2024 America Cup.Today, the plan for these two games is basically soaked.

This means that Messi's game in China has been blocked, and the Chinese brands endorsed by Messi are afraid it is difficult to release the image of the king.Some commented that Messi has "no drama" in China.

37 -year -old Messi has been in the ball for more than 20 years. Various honors and other bodies are the world's recognized generation of ball kings.Over the years, Messi has also had countless fans in China. Its image is more positive than the old Argentine ball king Maradona. Many well -known Chinese brands choose Messi to endorse.Unexpectedly, in just a few days, the "Messi Incident" made his image fall from the altar from the altar.

The "Messi Incident" started in Hong Kong on February 4.On the same day, Miami International, the US Miami, was invited to play a performance match with the Hong Kong League players at the Hong Kong Stadium.The 38,000 audiences who spent high -priced entrants look forward to seeing the style of Messi. Messi just sat on the bench without expression on the whole process.The fans of the audience screamed to refund the ticket.

The Hong Kong government also has high hopes for Messi to go to Hong Kong.EssenceFor this reason, important officials such as Li Jiachang, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, and celebrities from all walks of life have come to the show.But Messi didn't seem to care about it, and she pushed her hands from Li Jiachao and others who shook hands with the team members.

On the night of the end of the game, The Hong Kong government said that the arrangement of the organizer Tatler was extremely disappointed and asked the organizer to ask the organizerGive fans a explanation.On February 6, Li Jiachao once again pointed out that the organizer was extremely disappointed with the government and fans, and urged the organizer to explain in detail, including the public arrangement of public cooperation with Messi's team Miami International to respond to the audience's refund request.

Messi's performance in Hong Kong not only dissatisfied the Hong Kong government and fans, but also aroused the indignation of public opinion in mainland China.On February 7, Messi explained through Weibo: "Unfortunately, because the groin was injured, he could not appear in a friendly match at the Hong Kong station. My wound was swollen and painful." He also hoped to have the opportunity to give Hong Kong fans anymore.Make up the game and look forward to sharing the happiness of football with you as soon as possible."Give everyone a hug, and wish you all the good luck in advance."

Although Messi did not apologize to Hong Kong and mainland Chinese fans, if the incident ended there, Chinese public opinion may no longer be deliberately investigated.

But on the evening of February 7th, Messi came in the match between Tokyo, Japan

This is like pouring fuel on the fire, letting mainland public opinion blew up.Some Messi's Chinese fans posted videos to tear Messi's avatars and jerseys online. Many netizens said that since then, Messi has turned black from powder.Chinese business brands, which invited Messi to endorse, have been accused or even abused by many netizens.A liquor company invited Messi to endorse the text saying: "As a brand partner, we are also very sad."

There are also some Chinese self -media people who believe that Messi excuses the absence of injuries to the Hong Kong competition and puts on a gesture of contempt for the Hong Kong government and fans, which not only lacks professional ethics, but also has political motivation.

The public account "Midi Evil Effect" posted on the headline today that Messi's performance in Hong Kong and Japan is to "hit the face of Hong Kong", which is to "invest in the name" to the West.

The well -known self -media account "Chairman of Rabbit" posted that the incident was a commercial disaster for Messi.Unless this incident can finally have a clear knot, Chinese fans and the public can get a satisfactory reply, otherwise Messi's business interests and blueprints in China have been drawn in advance.

The article pointed out that the Messi incident was fundamentally misunderstood the political account and commercial account.They probably did not expect that the market of 7 million people in Hong Kong would be connected to the 1.4 billion people in China, and they did not expect that Mainland Chinese fans and the public would be more "top" because Messi appeared in Japan.It is certain that Messi's manager and agent did not provide him with the best suggestions on the Hong Kong market. Under a business misjudgment, he exposed the weakest part of Messi's business and human -set chain.

However, some Chinese netizens believe that the Messi incident is misunderstood or exaggerated, and Messi is not good at public relations, becoming a victim of the responsibility of all parties.

The web name "Di Renjie" said on Zhihu, whether it is Beckham, Miami International or Messi himself, and its agency team, thinking that this business event is the same as other world business events.Realizing that this kind of event has been linked to politics .They do not understand Chinese politics and Chinese society, as well as these winds between the Chinese people.If this event fails and all parties are not satisfied, you must find someone to carry a pot.Messi is such a back pot.

The article says that those who dominate public opinion carry the flags of patriotism and the right and wrongs, and can attack anyone. Whoever wants to say fair words will be beaten into traitors and even a loud voice.The public figures who like Messi can only be silent, and those who have spoken to Messi also quickly clarify the relationship.Such a public opinion environment is terrible. Today, you can treat Messi like this, and you can also quit anyone tomorrow.