In the Golden Gate waters, the mainland that flipped over by pursuits in the Golden Gate wateTwo fishing vessels survived the fishermen to return to land. One of the fishermen accused the new media under China CCTV news that the ship was knocked over by the Taiwan sea patrol boat.

A mainland speedboat broke into the Golden Gate waters on the afternoon of February 14. When the law enforcement vessels were chased by Taiwan, the four of them fell into the sea.Survive fishermen returned to Xiamen from Kinmen on the afternoon of the 20th, and then returned to Quanzhou.

China CCTV News "Yuyuan Tan Tian" on Wednesday (February 21) posted on Weibo that the surviving fishermen revealed the videos that the Taiwanese side treated the mainland fishing boat, one of which fishermenWhen the narrative incident passed, they said that they set off at 12:00 on the same day, and they saw the "Bao" (Taiwan Sea Patrol) at 12:50.

The fisherman said: "How can we turn it off by ourselves? It can't be turned over when turning around, and it will be turned over when it is hit." He said, "(Taiwan Sea Patrol)When we turned off, we drilled into the water and ran out. Only two people went ashore. "

He also said, "Fishermen on both sides of our fishermen fight for fishing. We didn't do it to him. They used to go to us before, and we were very good to them. This time they were so disappointed with us."

According to the Taiwan joint newspaper reported on the 21st, the Taiwan Strait Patrol Department originally said that the Chinese ships involved in the case were "snakes refused inspection, accidentally turned over", and did not mention the collision, but Shi Jiarong, director of the prosecutor of the Golden Gate Prosecutor's Office, Shi JiarongOn the evening of Tuesday (20th), after questioning the Golden Gate Sea Patrol, the members of the duty said that at the time, both sides were driving at a high speed and accidentally collided. The mainland vessels turned over on the spot.