Pat Gelsinger President Pat Gelsinger, presidentThe device, but according to the assessment, still cannot shake the leading position of the accumulated electricity.

Intel held an Innovation and Technology Forum in Taipei. In a keynote speech, Kissinger pointed out that artificial intelligence personal computers (AI PCs) will become the computer industry.In the future, AI will be omnipotent, driving semiconductor chips (also known as chips) and software "Siliconomy" to create huge business opportunities and change society.Acer and ASUS, two major computer companies in Taiwan, are customers of Intel AI PC.

Kissinger also revealed that Intel will be mass -produced in the first half of next year, 20A (that is, 20 Emi, equal to two -nano) computer processor (CPU) of ARROW LAKE, and test the 18A process chip, prepare for the second half of next year next year to the second half of next year next yearMass production.

He also said that in the era of small chips that entered the 3D packaging in the semiconductor industry, more than 120 companies are launching test small chips through the enhanced version of TSMC's enhanced version of the three -nanometer process (N3E).

TSMC supplies more than 90 % of the advanced process chips around the world. It is planned to be tried in the second half of 2024 and the production of two -nanometer process chips in 2025.Although it is later launched later than Intel, the President of TSMC Wei Zhe's family said on October 19 to the investment institution's online law that the company's internal assessment was that the cost and technology maturity of TSMC Sannan Process chip than Intel 18A will be launched in the future. In the future, it will be launched in the future.The two -nanometer process chip will also be fully better than Intel in power consumption, performance, and area (PPA).

Kissinger's second visit to Taiwan this year believes that solid piles are strong

This is the second visit to Taiwan this year. The industry believes that he has a strong meaning of fixing piles.Intel's market share in the global personal computer processor exceeds 70 % and the market share of the server is nearly 80 %. These products supply chain more than 80 % from Taiwan.

Intel has long been ahead of the chip manufacturing for a long time, but since the seven -nanometer chip chip, TSMC has been launched, and the six -nanometer, five -nanometer, and three -nanometer chips have repeatedly invited TSMC for foundry.

The Sino -US trade war has recently evolved into the Cold War of Technology, and Intel is regarded as the biggest beneficiary of subsidies for the US chip bill as high as US $ 53 billion (about S $ 71.9 billion).In addition to its allowance to obtain allowances in the Arizona factory area, the Wall Street Journal reported on November 6 that the United States intends to reduce its dependence on East Asia, including Taiwan imported chips.Intel is expected to get more than 1 billion US dollars to invest in the production of US military and intelligence chip facilities.