(Beijing/Berlin Comprehensive News) The former Prime Minister of the State Council of the State Council died of a heart attack last Friday. His alma mater Peking University reported on Sunday article on Sunday, deeply remembering the outstanding alumni.

The WeChat account of Peking University reported on Sunday (October 29) published an article entitled by the alumni of Li Keqiang, saying that the news of Li Keqiang's death came, "the teachers and students of Peking University were immersed in deep grief."

The article said that Li Keqiang was an outstanding alumni of Peking University. He studied in the legal department from 1978 to 1982, worked at Peking University from 1982 to 1983. He served as secretary of the university league committee and member of the Communist Youth League.Establishing, studying a graduate degree at the School of Economics.

The article states that during the undergraduate study, Li Keqiang was stubborn and grew into the backbone of the students.

The article also attached two previous school magazines about Li Keqiang's newspaper, "the grief of Li Keqiang alumni with alumni."One of them was an article rated as an excellent papers in 1980, entitled to the system, information and control of the rule of law machine and society; the other was a report that Li Keqiang first ascended the content of the working position of the Communist Youth League system in 1982.

In an article published on March 2, 1982, the Peking University School was mentioned that Li Keqiang was appointed as the secretary of the Peking University Youth League Committee.(Peking University Newspaper WeChat account)

The official Weibo of Peking University also posted a post on Sunday, mentioning that when Li Keqiang was in the Centennial Celebration of Peking University, he wrote a memory of his experience and experience of studying at Peking University.He wrote in the article: "As a school, the preciousness is not the exterior beauty, or even the possession of knowledge and wealth, but in its inner power, a tradition that can be continued permanently. This traditionIt will not be interrupted because of knowledge more, because it has the value of transcendence and has the ability to recreate knowledge and wealth.

Peking University also researched the above article on the official Weibo, with "deep memory of this outstanding alumni" and pinning sorrow.Neither the official Weibo and WeChat accounts of Peking University were unable to read comments. Among them, the official WeChat showed that bloggers have opened the selection of comments.

According to the Voice of Germany Chinese website, after Li Keqiang's death, many universities in China issued an internal notice to ensure that the campus was safe and stable, and students were strictly prohibited from gathering online and offline for group mourning.