Zou Kaelian, managing director of Yahoo, appeared in the campaign headquarters of the party presidential candidate Ke Wenzhe, which caused the outside world to associate with "Ke Zou Bing".Chen Zhizheng, a spokesman for the campaign office of Ke Wenzhe, responded that Zou Kailian was a financial consultant and often interacted with Ke Wenzhe, "just chat."

According to the Taiwan United Daily report, Huang Shanshan revealed in an interview earlier that Ke Wenzhe was arranged to take pictures with his deputy this week.She subsequently added that Ke Wenzhe will go to the countryside in November, and the itinerary has been arranged until the end of the month.

Zou Kailian suddenly appeared in the campaign headquarters of Ke Wenzhe on Tuesday (November 7), causing the outside world to take pictures with Ke Wenzhe.

Chen Zhizheng responded to this. Zou Kailian was Ke Wenzhe's financial consultant. He often met with Ke Wenzhe and interacted with Ke Wenzhe. He exchanged financial and science and technology issues.

Ke Wenzhe once issued the three major conditions of the deputy during the interview, including women, from the central and southern parts of Taiwan, and the business community.Zou Kailian assisted in arranging his visit to the United States.The People's Party has not confirmed that Zou Kailian is the deputy of Ke Wenzhe.