Multi -nations have recently expressed their considers Palestintan, but scholars who said that this is a "symbolic statement" that countries have held stronger stances to appease domestic public opinion and show their strong stance on Israel.A substantial impact.

Nowadays, the humanitarian crisis of the Gaza Strip has deteriorated sharply. Spain, Belgium, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc. have recently expressed their support for the "two countries", considering recognizing Palestine and supporting Palestine as a member of the United Nations.However, the United States has repeatedly emphasized that the United Nations is not a place to discuss the status of Palestine's state and believes that the founding of the Palestinian founding should be reached through Baza negotiations.

Michael Singh, executive director and senior researcher of the Institute of Policy Research, Washington, analyzed it to Lianhe Zaobao. For Israel, China, Europe and other countries will certainly support the founding of Palestine, so they say that Palestine is only symbolicSpeaking, it will not put any pressure on Israel.

Singh said that the recent statement of the country is only in response to domestic political pressure, and "because they have almost no other ways that affect the situation in the regional situation."

In Singh's view, these countries have actually made a wrong decision."Those countries that unconditionally acknowledge the founding of Palestine are losing an opportunity to promote Palestine to reform and promote negotiations in the Eva."

Security Council on the 18th on the 18th of Palestinian member qualifications

On April 2nd, the Palestinian Palestinian observers sent a letter to the United Nations Secretary -General, asking for re -review of Palestine in 2011 to require a member of the United Nations members.The United Nations Security Council will subsequently apply for a committee to accept the committee of the new member states. This is the first time that the Security Council has agreed to review the application for the first time in the past 13 years.

However, a committee composed of 15 members of the Security Council failed to reach a consensus at a closed -door meeting last week.

Algeria has filed resolutions on behalf of the Arab countries to accept Palestine as a member of the Security Council.The Security Council will vote on April 19.However, to pass a resolution, Palestine must be supported by at least nine countries of 15 member states of the Security Council, and five permanent members of China, France, Russia, Britain, and the United States cannot vote.The resolution must also be submitted to the UN General Assembly and received two -thirds of major votes to officially pass.

James Dorsey, a senior researcher at the Lajilitan International Research Institute of Nanyang University of Technology in Singapore, said in an interview with Lianhe Morning Post: "Palestine is trying to use the consequences of the Gaza War to actively strive to become a member state. However, even if PalestineSuccessfully obtained the support of European member states in the Security Council's resolution, and the United States advocates that the long -term stance of Baza conflict will not change.

In other words, Palestine's resolution is impossible to pass.

The United States Congress also passed two bills in the 1990s. If the United Nations institutions make organizations that do not "internationally recognize" national attributes become members, the United States will not provide funds for it.The United States deputy representative of the United Nations Robert Wood reminded earlier this month that if the United Nations approves Palestine to become a member state, "the funds for the United Nations will be cut off because we are bound by the United States."

Each country may put pressure on the United States

Li Weijian, a professor at the Shanghai International Institute of International Issues, told the United Morning Post that Washington has long advocated to resolve the Palestinian issue with negotiations, but the negotiations cannot completely curb the conflict between the two major ethnic groups of Arab and Jewish."The new round of Harbin conflict has made more and more European countries be aware that comprehensively implementing the plans of the two countries and supporting Palestine is the way to solve the Palestinian problem from the root cause."

After the founding of Palestine, which was announced in 1988, after obtaining the status of the UN observer state in 2012, Pakistan actively strived to become a formal member country because it was equivalent to recognizing the status of Palestine.Among the 193 members of the United Nations, 140 countries have recognized Palestine.

Li Weijian said: "Even if Palestine cannot enter the meeting in the coming meeting, if there are more and more countries that agree to the voting, the United States who opposes the opinions may fall into isolation at the Security Council and threaten its global leadership. This is obviously not Hua ChinaThe result of the mansion "

Singh also believes that countries have confessed that Palestinian countries are more pressured to put pressure on the United States."Except for the deterioration of their relationship with Israel, these statements have no actual effectiveness. However, these countries ... I hope that this can increase pressure to the Bayeng government and reduce the support of the United States for Israel."