Qin Gang, 57, is a professional diplomat who is considered an official who has won Xi Jinping.

Qin Gang, a Chinese State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs, did not show up publicly for three consecutive weeks, and was absent from a series of diplomatic activities.In China's opaque politics, this rare situation has aroused the attention of the outside world, and it has also aroused the guess of the Internet users of social media.

Qin Gang, a 57 -year -old, is a professional diplomat. He is regarded as an official who has won Xi Jinping. He was appointed Foreign Minister in December last year. In March of this year, he was promoted to concurrently served as a deputy prime minister.

Qin Gang's last public appearance was on June 25, and he met with officials from Sri Lanka, Russia and Vietnam in Beijing.

A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs told reporters on July 11 that Qin Gang could not attend the ASEAN conference in Indonesia due to health reasons.Wang Yi, director of the CPC Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, has attended the meeting on behalf of him.

However, this expression of a spokesman was not included in the report of the press conference on the day of the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China usually omit the sensitive content in this record.

On Monday (July 17), Chinese President Xi Jinping met with former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in Beijing.The official television screen shows that Qin Gang was absent from foreign affairs activities that are often accompanied by foreign ministers.Wang Yi and Deputy Minister and Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs attended the event.

When Mao Ning, a Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry, was asked about Qin Gang by a foreign media reporter on the same day, she said that she had no information to provide, and added that China's diplomatic activities were ongoing as usual.

Qin Gang's long disappearance caused analysts and netizens to speculate on their health and situation.Senior Chinese officials suddenly disappeared from the public's field of vision and were usually considered as potential signs of trouble, including suffering from health reasons or political crisis.

The precedent and results of the disappearance of Chinese officials

In February 2012, Wang Lijun, then deputy mayor of Chongqing City, suddenly entered the US Consulate General in Chengdu because of his political struggle with the then Municipal Party Secretary Bo Xilai, and the Chongqing Municipal Government News Office announced on Weibo that he was healthy due to health.The reason is being treated with vacation.The incident eventually triggered a large earthquake that shocked the Chinese officialdom. Bo Xilai was opened and sentenced to life imprisonment. Wang Lijun was also removed from office and sentenced to 15 years.

In September of the same year, Xi Jinping, who was about to take over, disappeared for two weeks from the public view for two weeks, and was absent from many established meetings including Hillary Clinton, including the then Secretary of State Hillary, Hillary Clinton.Some analysts speculate that it was caused by health reasons, but the official did not explain the incident today.

Image source, xinhua

In 2021, Qin Gang was appointed ambassador to the United States.At that time, Sino -US relations were at a low point. Qin Gang accepted many times by the US media and frequently attended folk activities, trying to show a relatively soft and friendly image.

There are also some senior officials who have been officially announced after disappearing for a long time and are under investigation. For example, in 2018, Meng Hongwei, chairman of the Interpol and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Public Security of China.

Although there is no evidence that the authorities' health reasons are not credible at present, the unknown explanation of this language has aroused curiosity of many people.

Qin Gang disappeared and attracted attention

On China's largest search engine Baidu, keyword Qin Gang's search index has increased by 50 times from the previous seven days. The average search daily value exceeds Cai Xukun and Dili Reba's most well -known stars.Baidu limits the search index display of other higher -level political leaders.

Some speculations are also widely circulated on social media, including some rumors that have not been proven, involving his private life.It is impossible to confirm the rumors.

Qin Gang has worked in China's diplomatic system for more than 30 years.According to the public information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, he was stationed in London for three times and served as a counselor and envoy in the Chinese Embassy in the UK.

His well -known experience is that he served as a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs twice in 2005 and 2011, and was responsible for hosted a regular press conference during the period.He was one of the earliest groups of diplomats who made sharp remarks to defend China, and often debated with reporters at the press conference.

In 2015, he became the Director of Li Bin, responsible for Chinese foreign activities and ceremonies, and was promoted to the youngest deputy foreign minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the time in 2018 to manage European affairs and news and concierge affairs.

Image source, China News Service

Qin Gang went to the United States to serve as the Chinese ambassador in the new crown epidemic, and was promoted to China Foreign Minister at the end of the epidemic.

In 2021, he was appointed Ambassador to the United States.At that time, Sino -US relations were at a low point. Qin Gang accepted many times by the US media and frequently attended folk activities, trying to show a relatively soft and friendly image.

At the end of the following year, he was promoted to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Such a rapid promotion was considered an important evidence that he was trusted by Xi Jinping.

Recently, there are many important foreign affairs activities in China, including US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and climate special envoy John Kerry visited China. Qin Gang's absence was more noticeable.

According to reports, China had previously canceled the EU foreign policy leader Josep Borrell's visit to Beijing in early July, but there was no reason.EU foreign affairs spokesperson said Beijing's informed date that the expected date is no longer possible.The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that he was welcome to visit China as soon as possible when both sides were convenient.

The reason why people are interested in this is because they are curious about any secrets in the black box.Wu Qiang, a Chinese political commentator in Beijing.

His disappearance highlights the vulnerability of China's diplomatic system and high -level decision -making system.

Zhuang Jiaying, an associate professor at the Department of Political Science of the National University of Singapore, said that in view of the opaqueity of the Chinese system, it is difficult to say that Qin Gang is really in trouble, or he will soon appear again in front of the public.

However, he pointed out that rumors about the senior officials were discussed on the Internet of China without being completely reviewed, which is very unusual.

No review allows people to rumors about whether the rumors of power struggle, corruption, abuse of power or love.