The Taiwan election has been for dozens of weeks. Lai Qingde, the leading DPP presidential candidate for polls, took the initiative to attack, saying that if the elected president would not change the country name of the "Republic of China", to prevent the needle of Taiwan ’s independence position.

Taiwan will hold a presidential and legislators election on January 13, 2024. The DPP (green), which is about to be in power for eight years, will send Vice President and Party President Lai Qingde to run for election.Lai Qingde won about 35%of the support in various polls, and the Kuomintang (blue) candidate Hou Youyi, who has received about 20%of its support, and Ke Wenzhe, a candidate for the people's party (white).The founder of Hon Hai Group, who is going to run independently, Guo Taiming's support is less than 10 %. .

If Broken Break, the presidential election appeared multi-corner war war., Lai Qingde almost won the coupon.Once Lai Qingde, who has claimed to be "pragmatic Taiwan independence workers", is in power, whether it is to promote Taiwan independence and cause the situation of the Taiwan Strait to tighten, which is two major doubts about voters.

Lai Qingde's online interview broadcast on Sunday (November 5) was asked about Han in the evening. You were asked during the chat. Once he was elected president, he would modify the "Republic of China" national number, and he promised not to.Lai Qingde also said: "The country name of the Republic of China is still there, the Republic of China is still there, and the flag still flutter with the wind."

As for whether the two sides of the strait will go to war after the election, Lai Qingde said that if he is the president, the risk of cross -strait warfare is the lowest because he believes that he is the most capable of protecting Taiwan's security.He said that peace on both sides of the Taiwan Strait is not good at the mainland, nor is it to lose sincerity to the mainland. For example, accepting the 1992 consensus, abandoning sovereignty, or signing a peace agreement based on China, but relying on strength and exerting deterrence with the democratic camps with the democratic camps.force.

Lai Qingde also said that peace is his most important mission. If he is the president, he must strive to maintain the stability of the Taiwan Strait and India and Pacific.

The blue -green and white camp candidates all ran north and south on weekends.Lai Qingde made a big potential in New Taipei and Tainan on Saturday (4th). Among them, Xinbei claims to attract 50,000 people, and Tsai Ing -wen also stands hard.

Hou Youyi set up 40,000 people in Taipei on the same day. The popular former Kaohsiung Mayor South Korea ’s platform called for: Hou Youyi embraced peace and chose Lai Qingde to face the war.Ke Wenzhe made a momentum in the south for two days in the south.A>.

Candidates must register from November 20th to 24th. Whether it is in the wild Blue and Baihe is the focus of the election situation.

Ke Wenzhe said at Kaohsiung's campaign headquarters on Sunday that Taiwan is a surprising island. "Not at the last moment, please wait patiently."Lai Qingde emphasized at the Miaoli campaign headquarters that the mainstream public opinion has never been blue or white, "but 90 % of Taiwanese are going off the Communist Party."

Zhang Deng, deputy dean of the Humanities and Social College and professor of the Department of Humanities and Society of Taiwan University, pointed out in an interview with Lianhe Morning Post that the prospects for blue and white are unknown, but, And fight for the secondary half of the seats.

He said that in most polls, the DPP did not stabilize 40 % of the votes, but more than half of the people agreed with the rotation of the political parties.Anti -China Bao Terrace ".

Zhang Deng said that no matter in the wild, there are several opponents in the wild, the DPP is estimated that they will shape them as fellows of the Communist Party of China to mobilize more than half of the public opinion support.If such an atmosphere is successfully shaped, once the emergence of the "National Flag of the Republic of China" was resisted by mainland netizens in 2016, the "Republic of China National Flag" appeared in 2016, but the DPP may also once again "assist" in the mainland again due to the mainland.And repeat the president and the Legislative Yuan "double half".

Wang Zhisheng, former Secretary -General of the Taiwan Asia -Pacific Elite Exchange Association, said in an interview with Lianhe Morning Post that if blue and white split, stable and not making mistakes will be Lai Qingde's best strategy.A one -to -one pair; coupled with the election campaign has entered the upside for dozens of weeks. In order to improve the motivation energy and voting enthusiasm, the green camp may prepare to detonate the long -term cross -strait route and sovereignty discussion with the blue camp in advance.

As for the prospects of blue and white integration, Wang Zhisheng judged that if the two sides could not find a compromise space on the plan to decide in the Presidential Presidential group, the election cooperation of the pre -election legislators would be temporarily relieved; since blue and white cannot join forces to play the presidential election, the chance of winning the election will beThe sharp decline, after the selection, the joint government of the administrative department is also exempt from talking. As for whether it can cooperate in the Legislative Yuan, it is full of doubts and variables.