The State Council of the State Council Li Qiang met with Australian Prime Minister Albanis on Tuesday (November 7) in Beijing, marking the annual meeting of the two prime ministers that have been suspended for four years in China and Australia.Li Qiang said that China is willing to further strengthen dialogue and communication with Australia, deepen political mutual trust, and properly handle differences; Albanis emphasizes that China Australia must carefully manage geographical strategic competition through dialogue and understanding, and call on Beijing to completely revoke the restrictions on the Australian transmission of Chinese goods.Essence

On the last day of the official visit to China, Albanis held talks with Li Qiang in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.The last annual Prime Minister of China Australia was in November 2019. The late Prime Minister Li Keqiang met with then Australian Prime Minister Morrison in Bangkok, Thailand.

According to the news released by Xinhua News Agency, Li Qiang said that China is willing to promote the continuous and steady development of the two countries' comprehensive strategic partnerships in Australia, consolidate and strengthen cooperation in traditional fields such as energy and mine, and avoid generalization and security of economic and trade issues.

According to the Australian government, Albanis reiterated that it will adhere to the interests and values ​​of Australia.He said: "When there is a geopolitical competition, we must use dialogue and understanding with caution." Albanis also emphasized that Australia and China fully restore "freedom and unimpeded trade is very important."

China is Australia's largest trading partner, and the total trade between the two countries was about US $ 223 billion (S $ 302.3 billion) last year.Sino -Australian relations have fallen into tensions since 2020, and China once implemented trade restrictions on Australian products worth about $ 13 billion.Although Beijing has loosen most of the restrictions before visiting China, it has not yet relaxed restrictions on Australian products such as wine and lobster; Australian exporters loses about $ 1.3 billion each year for this year.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Prime Minister of China Australia issued a joint results statement after the annual meeting, stating that the leaders of the two countries once again confirmed supporting China -Australia's comprehensive strategic partnership and agreed to continue and expand the contact in the five areas: political dialogue, bilateral trade, bilateral trade, Climate change, energy and environment, humanistic exchanges and convenient personnel.

The importance of the two sides also affirmed the importance of political dialogue, and welcomed the continuous stability and development of the political relations between the two countries.

Zhu Ming, CEO of China Zhendan Think Tank and Senior Researcher, evaluated in an interview with Lianhe Morning Post that China -Australia's senior management first resumed political dialogue "a relatively large breakthrough", which will laid a better foundation for the two countries to further repair trade cooperation.Essence

Zhu Ming analyzed that China Australia is currently restarting bilateral relations with a pragmatic and ease. Sino -US relations have recently eased, which is conducive to Australia and other American allies who have not been trapped in the Sino -US scientific and technological warfare, and accelerate the restoration of bilateral relations with Beijing.

Albanis is the first Australian Prime Minister to visit China in seven years.He said at a press conference held in the Great Hall of the People that he had a "constructive dialogue" with Li Qiang on Tuesday and summarized the visit to China to help stabilize the relationship between the two countries.It is also important for Australia; this is important for Australia's economy and security, as well as regional stability.

Albanis also said that although there are differences between Central Australia, both countries can benefit from cooperation and dialogue.

In the statement issued by Albanis after the meeting, the differences in Australia and China on the South China Sea, Australia, Britain, Britain, and the United States, the security partnership (AUKUS) and other issues.

After Albanis visited China, the sequel flew to the Cook Islands to participate in the Pacific Island Forum and held an annual meeting with the leaders of the South Pacific Island. In recent years, China and the West have increased their influence in the area.

Zhu Ming analyzed that although the South Pacific is currently one of the game fields in China and the United States, China Australia hopes that competition is controllable and does not want the area to be excessively militaryized.He expects that Albanis will not criticize China on the Pacific Island Forum to lead to geopolitical competition, but may remind Beijing to be vigilant about Beijing's expansion forces in the region with a more easement word.