After North Korea tested the super -large strategic cruise missile warhead three days ago, after the power test, several ballistic missiles fired on Monday (April 22).Experts pointed out that North Korea's provocation has "the purpose of attacking South Korea."

The South Korean military said that North Korea launched several suspected short -range ballistic missiles in the eastern waters in Pyongyang at 3 pm on the same day.North Korean missiles fell in the eastern waters after flying more than 300 kilometers.South Korea is analyzing specific parameters such as the range, height, and speed of North Korean missiles, and shared information with relevant US -Japan departments.

Han Jun said that from the perspective of flight distance, it is estimated that it is aimed at the US military base of the Zhongqing South Road Chicken Dragon City or Quanluo North Road, which is about 330 kilometers from Pyongyang.Considering the flight distance, North Korea may launch a 600 mm large rocket launcher in order to improve performance.

Super -large rocket launchers are the first weapons that appeared in the Korean media on August 25, 2019.The range of North Korea's large rocket launchers is close to 400 kilometers and has induction function. It is classified as a short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) by the Korean and American intelligence and is called KN-25.

Scholar: Kim Jong -un showing the intention of the Korean War Plan

Experts pointed out that North Korea's provocation has "the purpose of attacking in South Korea."

Park Yuankun, a professor at Lihua Women's University, pointed out that Kim Jong -un recently visited the troops that could conduct actual attack and combat to completely show their intentions for the Korean War Plan.The launch of short -range ballistic missiles is also a simulation test to attack South Korea.

Senior research member of the Unified Research Institute Hong Yan said: "A short -range ballistic missile that is speculated as a super -large rocket launcher is a martial arts demonstration. From the perspective of the launch mode, this is already a missile missile.The purpose of the object is launched. "

Kim Jong -un attended the sixth plenary session of the Eighth Central Committee of the Party on December 31, 2022, and said that the range could cover the entire territory of South Korea and even equipped with tactical nuclear weapons.

Some analysts believe that this may be a military demonstration for the Korean and American Air Force from April 12th to 26th at the Mountain Air Force Base.

North Korea carried out the "Arrow-1-1-3" strategic cruise missile super large combat department (warhead) in the western waters on the 19th, as well as new air defense missile test firing.This is also a ballistic missile that North Korea has fired again after 20 days that violated the United Nations Security Council.North Korea only fired the Martian gun-16B mid-range medium-range solid fuel ballistic missile on the 2nd.