(Beijing Comprehensive News) The Ministry of Commerce of China announced that it will strengthen the import and export of key resources such as rare earth, iron ore, copper concentrate, and crude oil.

The Ministry of Commerce of China issued a notice of the statistical survey system on the official website on Tuesday (November 7) to include crude oil, iron ore, copper concentrate, and potassium fertilizer into the energy resource product directory that implements import reports.Rare earth is included in the energy resource product directory that implements export reports.

According to the notice, when foreign trading operators import and export the above -mentioned products, they should fulfill the obligation to report the relevant import and export information report. The system will be implemented from October 31st for two years.

The Ministry of Commerce said in another document that the purpose of this move is to "effectively organize investigation, timely and accurate grasp, scientific research and judging the import and export status and trend of large products, and guide the orderly import and export of foreign trading operators to reduce blindness to blindnessProvide the basis for risk avoidance and do a good job of stabilizing foreign trade. "

China has implemented export controls on semiconductor materials such as 镓 and 锗 from August 1st. Some people in the industry said that this time it is to strengthen the export of management of rare earth products.The Chinese State Council Premier Li Qiang also emphasized when he presided over the executive meeting of the State Council on November 3 that it is necessary to coordinate the exploration, development and use and standardized management of rare earth resources.

Chinese Steel Futures Analyst Cheng Peng believes that the impact of new regulations on customs clearance of customs is limited.Many agricultural products have been on the list, indicating that the system is relatively mature.Another analyst who is unwilling to disclose the name told Reuters that data collection may be a preliminary measure for the government to strengthen the control of key commodity trade.