China's intelligent search software Quark contains a lot of obscene pornographic information in the search results, and was fined 500,000 (RMB of RMB, about 93,300 yuan).Quick responded that the rectification was strictly implemented in accordance with the requirements, and the relevant violations were banned.

China Network Information Office public account "Internet Information China" posted a message on Monday (October 30) to destroy the network ecological issue for the quark platform and fined 500,000 yuan.

At the same time, the China National Network Information Office guided the Guangdong Provincial Network Information Office to interview the person in charge of the quark platform in accordance with the law, ordered the platform to immediately rectify and rectify and deal with relevant responsible persons seriously.

After investigation, the quark platform failed to comply with relevant management requirements. The search results showed a lot of obscene pornographic information and recommended vulgar keywords to users.The plot is particularly serious.

Related topics on the evening of the 30th, the first place in the Weibo Search List.

According to Xinhuanet reported on the same day, Quark responded that the company attaches great importance to, sincerely accept, and resolutely implement it. At present, it has strictly implemented rectification in accordance with the requirements and banned relevant violations.

Quark also said that the company has set up a special working group to upgrade to the identification ability and processing speed of bad information, actively carry out special rectification actions.Strike.