Regardless of employers and employees, seeking stability will be the primary consideration of this year's local workplace.

According to the job prospects and salary guidance reports published by Randstad, the headquarters in the Netherlands, Randstad, most of the local employees hope to stable work to cope with the possible life expenses that may increase in the future; employers are also in the future.Adjustment and optimization including various existing resources, including manpower, various pressures will make them become more forward when recruiting new employees this year.

The report is based on the summary of the results of the investigation and research by Ren Shida in 2023.The report also shows that the banking financial industry, life sciences, and digital technology will be the three major areas of the most flow of personnel and the fastest business volume this year.

A survey conducted by Ren Shida in 2023 about 1,000 to 67 -year -old locals, 48%worried about losing their current work; 61%said that if there is no formal employment contract, even if there are new job opportunities to find the door, theyNot acceptable.

This survey also shows that although 64%of the respondents are worried about the uncertainty of the future economy, 80%believe that the current employer has allowed them to get employment security and therefore full of confidence in the employer.

Jaya Dass, managing director of Ren Shida's long -term recruitment of business areas, pointed out that when recruitment, employers will not only consider candidates' work ability and reasons for employment, but also pay attention to their long -term career development potential."Digital transformation and internal structure optimization of enterprises highlight the importance of life learning in Singapore."

Before the report of the Ren Shida report, the results of the annual economic prosperity survey conducted by the job from December last year to January this year also showed that about 40%of the local employees from different industries and ages were worried aboutLost work in the next three months.

In addition, the recently announced 2023 Estimated data shows that last year, last year, it was full last year. Last year, it was full year.The total number of annual layoffs is more than 14,000, which is higher than the total number of layoffs before the 2019 crown disease.

Huang Zhiming, the Secretary -General of the Vocational General, published 2024./A> When a press conference was held before, for the migrant workers in 2024, "The company's generally called for companies that intend to carry out corporate reorganizations to inform the trade union's layoff plan beforehand in order to discuss better dismissal supporting facilities early, and assist affected employees through employment counseling.