(Khamira Composite Electric) Australian Pacific Minister Conlaoy said that China should not play any role in public security in the Pacific islands. Australia will train more local security forces to fill the gap of the Pacific Island country.

In an interview with Reuters on Thursday (February 29) on Thursday (February 29): We know that they (China) is seeking a greater security role in the Pacific.No role.

He pointed out that the Pacific Island State leader has agreed at the Pacific Island Forum as early as 2022 that any security vulnerability should be filled by the Pacific family.

Australia has not been stationed in Kiribos so far. Canberra promises to fund the construction of a new police radio network, police barracks and two maritime security consultants to assist the Kiribas police to operate a patrol boat.

Conlaoy stated that the hopes to see Police Papa, Fiji, and other Pacific countries play a greater role in assisting the security of the Pacific islands.

Kiribas officials have recently revealed that China ’s uniform police officers have entered the local community police and criminal database projects, but Kiribas has not publicly announced that it has reached a police cooperation agreement with China.The Pacific island nation publicly reminds the Pacific Island countries on Monday (26th) to receive assistance from the Chinese security forces.

This small country with a population of only 115,000 people, because it is closest to Hawaii, and controls one of the world's largest exclusive economic waters, covering more than 3.5 million square kilometers of Pacific, is considered strategic military value.

Towaru focuses on key development matters instead of Taiwan relations

In addition, Tuvaru was elected Prime Minister Special Olympics on Wednesday (28th) that his new government would focus on many key development priorities, not Taiwan relations.

Special Olympic said that unless there is a major problem in this relationship, it will not take time to evaluate and investigate the relationship.He said: So far, there is no major issue that may need to negotiate immediately with Taiwan.

The former government in Taiwan was defeated in the election held in January in January, causing the outside world to speculate that this South Pacific island country may turn to establish diplomatic relations with Beijing.