(Bloomberg, Seoul) After North Korea successfully launched the first military reconnaissance satellite, it was questioned that the satellite did not perform the task.Dutch space experts said the satellite is still working normally and has maneuverability.

At the end of November last year, North Korea successfully sent the military reconnaissance satellite "Wanli Mirror-1".North Korean officials said that satellites have taken sensitive military and political places in the United States, South Korea and other places, but they did not announce any images, and independent radio trackers did not detect its signals.

However, March Broangbroek, a satellite expert at Delph University, Dutch University of Technology, said in a blog post on Tuesday (February 27): "It can be certain that this satellite is still alive."

He quoted the United States Leaders' Joint Space Combat Center data, saying that from February 19th to 24th this year, Wanli Mirror-1 satellite mobilized, and the height of nearly increased from 488 kilometers to 497 kilometers.

Langbruck said: "This mobile certificate, Wanli Mirror-1 satellite does not die, North Korea has control of it, and this has caused controversy."

South Korea ’s Minister of Defense Shen Yuanzhang said on Monday (26th) that the satellite did not show signs of performing other tasks or the implementation of reconnaissance.Langbrook said in this remark: "Although we are indeed unable to determine whether the satellite has successfully taken the image, it has at least rail mobility. Therefore, in this sense, it can work." Langbruck also pointed out that the improvement of maneuverability this time was surprising.The satellites that North Korea had previously launched has never been mobilized, and the ability to increase the height of the track is very important.This means that as long as the satellite and fuel, it can prolong their life through the height of their own height due to the decline of the orbit.

Wanli Mirror-1 is the first military reconnaissance satellite that North Korea has successfully sent to space.North Korea vowed to launch three spy satellites in 2024.