Philippine President President Machaus vowed to resolutely defend national sovereignty and never allow any foreign forces to invade the Philippine territory.

Pagoda, currently visiting Australia on Thursday (February 29), in Australia, said in a speech in the Australian Parliament: The Philippines is now in the front line that opposes the success of peace, erosion in regions, and threatened regions.In the past, as is now, we still firmly defend our sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdictions.

He emphasized: I will never allow any foreign forces to try to occupy our sovereign territory, even a square inch.The challenges we face may be arduous, but the same difficulty is our determination.We will not yield.

Macatus, which is conducting two days of national visit to Australia, was interviewed by media on Wednesday (28th) that Chinese warships have appeared in the South China Sea and the Philippine vessels have been worried about more online attacks in recent years.

He emphasized that the development of the South China Sea will not prevent the Philippine government from defending the territorial sea and continue to support all our fishermen who make these fishing grounds.

The Philippines and Chinese ships have confronted the South China Sea in the South China Sea in the South China Sea in the past few years.Last Sunday (25th), the Philippine Police accused China of the Filipino government ships that transported materials to fishermen in the waters of Skobel (China, known as Huangyan Island).China refers to the sea area where the Philippine fishing vessels invade China.