(Moscow Composite Electric) Russian President Putin warned that if Western countries sent troops to Ukraine to fight, they will face the real risk of triggering a nuclear war.

When Putin published a state -affairs counseling to the Russian Federal Conference on Thursday (February 29), he once again accused the West of intention to weaken Russia, and said that Western leaders did not understand how dangerous to interfere with Russia's internal affairs.He said: They must realize that we also have weapons that can attack their territorial goals.All this does cause the threat of nuclear weapons conflicts and destroying civilization.

French President Macron premesned with the European member states of NATO to send ground troops to Ukraine, but was quickly rejected by the United States, Germany, Britain and other countries.

Putin warns Western leaders that if trying to invade Russia, their end will be more tragic than Hitler in Nazi Germany and Napoleon in France.He said that the West has not faced the same security challenges as Russia in the past 30 years, which made them forget what the war actually means, and it is like an cartoon.

Putin is expected to win another six -year term next month.He praised Russia in the National Love Counseling to have the world's largest and highly modern nuclear arsenal, and Russia's strategic nuclear forces are also fully prepared.

Western concerns that the Russian forces may attack other European countries outside Ukraine. He refuted that this was nonsense, saying that Moscow would not repeat the mistakes of the Soviet Union and let the West drag it into an excessive weapon competition.

Putin also showed that Moscow was willing to discuss with Washington's problem of stability in nuclear strategy, but implying that the United States had no intention to conduct such negotiations, but was more enthusiastic about discrediting Moscow.

He said: Recently, there are more and more allegations against Russia, as claiming that we want to deploy nuclear weapons in space.This kind of Sand -containing remark hell; hellip; aims to allow us to enter negotiations according to their conditions, and these conditions are only beneficial to the United States.