(Frankfurt Composite Electric) German and American media reported that the German naval frigates Hesse, the German naval frigates who performed ship protection mission in the Red Sea, almost almost clicked on a U.S. drone.

The German Ministry of Defense confirmed that a drone incident involving an allies occurred on Monday (February 26), but did not disclose the name of the country.The Ministry of National Defense said that the frigates launched an attack after the allies did not report to the drone.

The Minister of Defense Pestorius said when visiting Vishkhtheh in the town of Germany that after being unable to recognize the drone near the Heisen, the Kuroson Navy opened the fire, but did not hit the target.A scout drone.

German Weekly reported on the 28th that the frigate fired two standard type 2 missiles to the drone, but they fell into the sea shortly after launching due to technical defects, and they were almost shot down.Human -machine.

The report quoted military officials that the incident showed that allies who participated in various tasks around Yemen must improve the coordination between each other.

German newspaper Frankfurt reported that as we all know, the United States' use of fighting drones in the Red Sea has nothing to do with the Red Sea.

Hesson arrived at the Red Sea on weekends and participated in the task of protecting the Red Sea International Shipping in the European Union, so as to avoid the attack by the Yamen organized by Iran's support of the Hersen organization.

China News Agency quoted the US website theater report that after this misunderstanding, the Heisen, who arrived at the Red Sea on the weekend, continued to perform the task, and used its 76mm main gun and Ram's near -guard guilty guides on the 27th.The drone launched by the plug armed forces.The US Central Command said in a notification on the 28th that the U.S. aircraft and a coalition warship shot down the five Hussean armed drones in the Red Sea.